As my dad always told me, you won’t know the Players without a Program. So, here you go, a list of people you might encounter in my blogging adventures. I’ll keep this updated as best as I can.

About Me

I’m a man, between the ages of 40 and 50. Been married for over 20 years now to “The Wife.” My interests are very limited, mainly because I get frustrated easily when things don’t go well the first time. I spend some time playing Minecraft thanks to The Boy who introduced me to the Lattycraft server. The goal is to mine enough ore to move up one level, eventually moving through all of the levels and earning prestige. There’s something very soothing about the simplicity of it, no fighting, no countdowns, no boss monsters, all you do is work the mine, earn your money, and move up.

I also enjoy taking the kids camping. I’m not much of an outdoors person, but I can start a fire and grill a good burger on the open flames with the best of them. There are times when the kids and I mentor other fathers and kids, teaching them outdoor leadership skills or working on improving their communication.

My favorite activity is a visit to the local cinema for a Hollywood blockbuster, the more mindless, the better!

Music choices for me are pretty limited. In my opinion the only era of music that really matters is now considered classic rock, and is quickly being ushered to “the first generation of rock.” So, these days I’m more a fan of sports radio, specifically 1310 The Ticket out of Dallas. The jackasses at ESPN Radio almost ruined sports for me completely, the little Ticket restored my faith in the ability of people to enjoy all facets of sports. Although, Norm Hitzges is my kryptonite, I’m counting down the days until Donovan Lewis completely takes over their shared spot.

The Wife

My wife is a wonderfully amazing woman who deserves much better than me. She is a small business owner and takes great satisfaction in her work. She tolerates me and occasionally helps me become a better me. The best part is she lets me have sex with her.

The Kids

I am the proud parent of two wonderful kids – “The Girl” and, as mentioned above, “The Boy.”

The Girl

She is one of the main reasons for this blog. She turned 16 in February, 2016, a development which has caused me all sorts of stress. Currently a sophomore in high school, the realization that she will be moving out and I’ll be attempting to pay for her college in 2+ years hit me like a ton of bricks. There is no way I’m ready for her to grow up, what happened to my little girl?

The Boy

He is three years younger than The Girl and is still very much a boy. He’s a MineCraft master and has a YouTube channel and Twitch stream set up to chronicle his endeavors. The boy is absolutely brilliant with mathematics and is certainly much more intelligent than his old man. The way he sorts things out in such an analytical manner astounds me.

The Dad

My dad was a very successful salesperson who retired early and currently spends his time playing golf and enjoying the company of a long term girlfriend. He tries hard to be involved, but is committed to his relationship which seems to frequently conflict with plans The Wife and I make. He’s a good man, not the best role model, but tries hard to do the right thing.

The Mom

My mom passed away from lung cancer several years ago, so I’m not certain how much you’ll hear about her. I just thought I’d include her just in case I mention her.


That’s about it. I’m sure I’ll add to this as my writing evolves.