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Wife’s Company Holiday Party – Part 2

As previously mentioned (here and here), this past Friday night we hosted The Wife’s company’s holiday party.

In the latest post, I shared quite a bit about the trials and tribulations of getting all new decor for the house. As The Wife expected, her coworkers were suitably impressed with her efforts. I honestly have to say that the house looked spectacular on Friday night, both inside and out. The crazy expensive lights adorning our gutters made the house glow, while the new tree and interior items brought a unique holiday feel to each room. I’m still not happy about the expense, but the result was amazing.

Now for the down side, one person who attended. A few of The Wife’s coworkers can be a bit rough around the edges at times and that led to the most uncomfortable situation I’ve ever encountered at a company holiday party.

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Wife’s Company Holiday Party – Part 1

Tonight’s the big night, my wife’s company holiday party, which is taking place at my house. I’m thrilled that it will be over soon, preparing for it has been a beast.

Any time you agree to host an entire company at your house, any sense of normalcy goes out the window. Because of tonight’s festivities, we’ve been on a tear preparing every minor detail for the influx of guests.

I realized that decorating this year would be a little different from previous years due to the party. I had no clue just how different things would have to be.

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Today is the annual “White Elephant Day” on The Ticket. It is far and away my most favorite day to listen to the guys mix and mingle.

All day I’ve had my headphones on and the computer tuned to the station. At this point we’re in the final show, featuring Bob Sturm and Craig Miller. The two most long-winded hosts on the station. If they complete any one segment I will be shocked.

My favorite was driving in to work today listening to Donovan Lewis and Corby Davidson. The Great Donovan makes everyone better (witness his work with Norm) and he definitely made Corby tolerable.

Which show was your favorite?

So Very Sick

Last Monday morning, around 1am, I woke up feeling ill. My stomach was hurting and I had that queasy feeling that I was about to throw up. I run to the toilet and proceed to puke my guts out for about 10 minutes. After cleaning up, I definitely felt better and was positive that something I ate earlier in the day simply disagreed with me. I went to bed thinking that the worst was over and I could go back to sleep. Holy shit was I wrong.

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Friday Fox – Kiana Tom

Each Friday I feature a baker’s dozen images of a 40-something lady who “gets my motor running.”

Kiana Tom

This week I’m changing things up, going with someone not necessarily known for their work on the big screen. Instead, the focus is on an incredibly fit young lady, Kiana Tom. Kiana is best known for her work on the small screen, in the shows Body Shaping and Kiana’s Flex Appeal. On these shows, Kiana and other beautiful ladies would show you the proper way to work out while wearing very tight and sexy workout clothes. My roommates and I spent many hours watching Kiana move, flex, and work out during our misspent college years. The discussion usually focused on whether Kiana’s nipples were poking through or if she had a camel toe showing. I’m not proud of these discussions, I can’t say they were some of my finest moments. Did we ever work out with Kiana and the girls? Nope, not once. We were too distracted by her beauty and fun personality. Watching Kiana all those mornings definitely got me interested in ladies who are physically fit. A woman who takes care of herself is a huge turn on to me! They certainly didn’t have gorgeous women like Kiana at my high school!

Kiana Tom Nude

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I Keep Pokémon Go-ing

It’s true, no matter how frustrated I become, I keep playing Pokémon Go. It’s become a habit that I just can’t shake. I keep my phone open to the Pokémon Go screen almost all day, which means my phone is plugged in almost all day. That can’t be good, can it?

It’s taken a while, but I’m finally a level 26 trainer, working hard at getting my 200,000 EXP to move on to level 27. If I do it straight up, it will take catching 2,000 Pokémon to move to level 27. Nothing is done straight up, so it will be a combination of PokéStops, evolutions, and other EXP bonuses that get me to that next level.

I keep asking myself why I continue to play. There’s no benefit to it. Niantic has done quite a bit to make the game a pain in the ass for higher level players, yet I keep coming back. No matter how hard they make it for me to catch low level Pidgeys and Rattatas, I keep playing!

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What Has The Wife Gotten Me Into?

The Wife surprised me by inviting me to have lunch together today. As soon as she asked, I knew something was up. She wanted to talk about something, but wouldn’t say what it was. That’s always a sign to grab my wallet and hold on to it because something expensive is either broken or desired.

Of course I’m also very intrigued when this situation occurs, which isn’t very often. My wife doesn’t like keeping secrets or having big reveals. She very much speaks her mind and lets the chips fall wherever they may. I love that about her. No beating around the bush. No trying to read her mind. No lies. It’s awesome, I’m a very lucky man because of this.

So, color me highly intrigued when she asked if I had lunch plans so we could “talk.” I didn’t have plans, unless you consider eating last night’s leftovers “plans.” Lunch was on.

We met at a local Pei Wei for some yummy food. I always end up with their honey seared chicken and edamame. It’s my go-to Pei Wei meal.

Pei Wei’s Honey Seared Chicken is always a good choice for a serious conversation.

Anyway, we sit down after ordering and I ask her, “What do you need to tell me?” I have no idea what to expect in response and she has the most serious look on her face.

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How in the hell is it already November 14th? Where did the first 13 days go? Is anyone else shocked that we’re almost halfway through November?

I keep writing “October” on anything that has a blank for the date. For some reason I just can’t get it through my head that we’re in the next to last month of the year. Before we know it, it will be 2017 and we’ll be racing towards 2018.

The worst part of this whole situation – i.e. November moving so quickly – is that The Kids have all of next week off of school. A full week of them wandering aimlessly through the house, all frickin’ day long! Sure, Thursday will be filled with Thanksgiving-related obligations, but the rest of the time will be occupied with bandwidth hogging games of Minecraft, Path of Exile, and who knows what else!!! I give it until Tuesday morning before they complain about being bored.

Let’s be honest and get to the real question at hand: when do we get a free week off for Thanksgiving?  C’mon President Obama, make the 1-week break for Thanksgiving a national holiday. You have nothing to lose now, make all American’s happy! Sadly, I know he won’t. Boooo!!!!! Those darn kids, they get all the cool stuff!

Friday Fox – Aisha Tyler

Each Friday I feature a baker’s dozen images of a 40-something lady who “gets my motor running.”

Aisha Tyler

The heavenly Aisha Tyler is this week’s Over 40 Friday Fox. Ladies don’t come much hotter than Aisha. I first noticed Aisha in the movie Balls of Fury, playing Christopher Walken’s executioner. In the movie, her character, Mahogany, is quite skilled with blow darts. She looks extremely hot in some of the outfits she wears, and her singing along to Def Leppard doesn’t hurt! Since then, I honestly can’t remember seeing her in anything else, although her IMDB page lists a stream of credits. However, Balls of Fury was enough to leave a huge impression on me. She is way hot, I look forward to seeing her on the big screen again soon! They certainly didn’t have gorgeous women like Aisha at my high school!

Aisha Tyler Nude

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