I’m sitting at my desk this week leading up to Christmas without a single task to accomplish. Seriously! Every bit of work that needed to take place before the end of 2016 has already been done.

Think about it – all of the Executives are long gone, already enjoying their winter vacations. They’re off skiing or floating away on a sailboat somewhere. Any serious work that needed to be accomplished had to be done before they jetted off to their house in Steamboat or Vail. Think they’re checking emails off the coast of the St. Lucia? Doubtful!

So, yeah. All of my serious work had to be done by the end of last week. In fact, since the person I report to left town on Friday, I had to be done by Thursday.

That means that I now have two weeks with very little to do. Sure, there are small projects here and there left to accomplish, but nothing that will keep me busy for the rest of the time. I have DAYS of empty hours to spend sitting at my desk, staring at a blank computer screen. I’ve got a spreadsheet pulled up just in case someone of importance happens to wander by, but that’s extremely unlikely.

Do you find yourself in the same situation? If so, how do you kill the endless wasted hours sitting at your desk?

Most of the good websites I’d surf are blocked – such as ESPN, Facebook, Twitter, or even Yahoo. So, killing time going down the rabbit hole of Facebook isn’t even possible. Many of my co-workers saved up their vacation time so that they could be off next week, which will make the days drag even slower. At least this week I have some people to conspire with.

I think our first real activity is going to be office chair races. Those are kicking up tomorrow. We’re working on clearing a long course through the desks that should be challenging and fun. A few areas get pretty narrow, which will cause the racers some difficulty. I’m thinking 3 laps per race.

After that, one guy said that he knows how to rig a DVD player up to the conference room projector. We may bring in some movies to watch as a team on Thursday. I’m qualifying that as a “team building” exercise, not wasting several hours watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy to burn daylight.

Friday is a half day – woo hoo! So, by the time everyone wanders in, eats the donuts we’re bringing, and chit chats about Christmas day plans,  the day should be about over.

Next week though, that’s going to be the beast. We have Monday off, which is nice, but after that it’s going to be tough to get through the final four days of the year. Plus, I think it will be down to just me and about 5 dorks from IT still in the office. Those guys have no sense of humor, nor will they open the internet for me.

Next week will be painful!

What do your final two weeks of the year look like? Do you have enough to keep you busy? I’m dying from boredom here.