I previously mentioned my recent tire issues. I finally had a chance to take the family truckster in to get the tires looked at and discovered that 3 of the four tires had nails in them. There is a TON of construction happening around town, so I can’t say that I’m completely surprised.

If I’m buying 3 new tires, I might as well get all four. The service place I use was able to cut me a great deal on new tires, so, all in I’m stuck with $340 worth of new rubber. The best selling point the guy could offer was that they’re run-flat tires. Hopefully I won’t have to test that feature out, but, knowing that the construction isn’t going away any time soon, it’s more than likely I will.

Ain’t life grand? Just what I wanted to do right before Christmas, blow $300+ on tires. Did I mention that my car is less than a year old? Can 2016 be over soon? I’m tire of getting my ass kicked.