Each Friday I feature a baker’s dozen images of a 40-something lady who “gets my motor running.”

Kiana Tom

This week I’m changing things up, going with someone not necessarily known for their work on the big screen. Instead, the focus is on an incredibly fit young lady, Kiana Tom. Kiana is best known for her work on the small screen, in the shows Body Shaping and Kiana’s Flex Appeal. On these shows, Kiana and other beautiful ladies would show you the proper way to work out while wearing very tight and sexy workout clothes. My roommates and I spent many hours watching Kiana move, flex, and work out during our misspent college years. The discussion usually focused on whether Kiana’s nipples were poking through or if she had a camel toe showing. I’m not proud of these discussions, I can’t say they were some of my finest moments. Did we ever work out with Kiana and the girls? Nope, not once. We were too distracted by her beauty and fun personality. Watching Kiana all those mornings definitely got me interested in ladies who are physically fit. A woman who takes care of herself is a huge turn on to me! They certainly didn’t have gorgeous women like Kiana at my high school!

Kiana Tom Nude

With the majority of Kiana’s work having been on TV, there isn’t any good nudity I can share with you from the silver screen. However, because God is good and wants us to be happy, Kiana did a full nude spread in Playboy! YAY! That issue was so important to me that I still have it tucked away in a very safe location. It was the dream photo shoot for my roommates and me. When it hit newsstands, all of us bought our own copy.

Kiana was gorgeous in the 90’s on TV and is still gorgeous today! You should definitely check out her website, Kiana.com. Enjoy a baker’s dozen images from this Fabulous Over-Forty Fox – Kiana Tom!

This is not limited to celebrities, I’d love to feature some regular ladies over forty who’ve got it goin’ on. Email me 13 sexy photos and 1 head shot of your fabulous lady who is over 40 and I’ll feature her on an upcoming Friday’s Fox.

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