Over the weekend The Girl and The Wife took the tour of Texas Tech University out in Lubbock. Going in to the tour, Tech was #3 on her list of potential schools due to it’s highly regarded Animal Science program. Of course The Girl is most interested in the Equine Science concentration, so Tech seems like a natural fit.

I was unable to attend this tour, so everything I’m posting is second hand information coming from The Wife and The Girl.

As I did for Oklahoma State University, instead of creating a wall of text reviewing the tour of Texas Tech, I’m going to do a Top/Bottom list. Here goes:

Top 5/Bottom 5 from Texas Tech University Tour

Top 5 Experiences at Texas Tech

  1. The Wife and The Girl both commented on how beautiful the campus was. They were shocked by the number of trees and lawns.
  2. Food options were endless. They said that the dining choices were overwhelming.
  3. Like at OSU, the campus was very active with tons of students engaged in all sorts of activities. It was the weekend, so it was nice to see that people stayed on or around campus.
  4. The Texas Tech Equine Center was a thing of beauty. The Girl’s jaw dropped when she saw it. She said the place was pristine and looked brand new.
  5. Even though it was the weekend, they were able to schedule meetings with some of the professors who my daughter would have in her selected program. It is pretty awesome that these professors were willing to take time out of their weekends to meet with a potential student and spend some quality time explaining the program to her. All of us were impressed with this.

While these were all awesome experiences, there were some not-so-awesome experiences I have to share.

Bottom 5 Experiences at Texas Tech

  1. The campus is frickin’ HUGE!!! The Wife said that the tour wiped her out. They walked nearly 3 miles on the tour and didn’t see all of the campus. My guess is that The Girl will prefer a smaller school, so I don’t know how Tech will stack up after visits to smaller campuses.
  2. The Wife almost got run over because cars were flying through campus. Apparently there are roads that crisscross throughout campus and traffic is quite heavy on the weekends. The Wife stepped off the curb at one intersection and almost got run over by a speeding car.
  3. No dorm room visits during the tour was a major disappointment. Apparently the only way to see actual dorm rooms is to visit during the summer. Tours given during the school year limit dorm visits to the lobby area. What was even funnier was that the girl giving the tour couldn’t even get the door to the dorm building open! Her key wouldn’t work so they had to wait for someone to let them in.
  4. While there are tons of food options (see #2 on the Top list), for some reason the campus Starbucks locations do not accept the dining plan. Why not? The Girl is a big fan of picking up a Starbucks muffin for breakfast or a snack, it’s a great way to get some needed calories after an early morning barn session. I would classify this as an annoyance, but to The Girl it was a major negative mark. Kids these days!
  5. The barn is 10 miles away from campus and involves a stint driving on the freeway. This is a major problem when The Girl wants to keep her horse there. Their tour guide shared stories of a huge snow storm that hit last year (maybe the year before) and everyone was stuck in their dorms. While generally a funny story, this terrified The Girl. She imagined being trapped on campus with her horse needing food and water in the barn over 10 miles away, unable to reach him at all. Not a good selling point for someone interested in bringing their horse with them!

Overall Results

Just like at OSU, The Girl left Texas Tech University very impressed with the school itself. The flaws with the barn set up and the sheer size of the campus have dropped Texas Tech down from #3 on her list toward the bottom. It’s still a possibility, but a long shot at this point.

What’s most interesting is that The Wife and The Girl had dinner Saturday night with a friend who is a current freshman at Tech. She gave them tons of info about the school and what life there is really like. She was doing a much better job of selling Tech than the girl who led the tour did, but I still don’t think it’s enough. The friend tried hard, but still couldn’t overcome the 10 miles to the barn hurdle.

Next up is the first small school, West Texas A&M. It’ll be interesting to see how a small school compares to OSU and Texas Tech!