FINALLY! We have crossed the finish line and we now have President-Elect Donald J. Trump all lined up to move into the White House.

The mainstream media had this election set to be a coronation of Hillary Clinton. Whoops! How’d that work out? Not so well.

Obviously Donald Trump’s victory was unexpected. What’s shocking to me are the reactions of my usually peaceful liberal friends.

As I read the social media posts from my Hillary-supporting friends I see a common theme. A theme of hate, vitriol and anger. My liberal-leaning friends are extremely pissed off that their candidate didn’t win. They are filling my social feeds with foul memes, calls for violence, and resorting to calling Trump supports vile names.

How is this acceptable? Many of these are friends I have known since elementary school and usually consider to be intelligent individuals. This election has them decrying the “racist white males” who tore the election away from them.

Really? Was it really “racist white males” who voted Trump? The numbers say no. Plenty of women and minorities voted for Trump. If that didn’t happen, the man wouldn’t have won. I see plenty of social media posts from Trump supporters who don’t fit the liberal narrative that his supporters are all racist white males.

What chaps my hide is that these friends of mine would be the first ones to call out any sort of stereotyping done in a normal situation. In fact, I remember one of them calling me out for using the word “hate” in a post. I posted something along the lines of “I hate tomatoes” and my friend said that “hate” was too strong of a word and should be replaced with “dislike.” Yet, here she is posting incessantly about “hating Trump” and “hating the racist white men who ruined America by being afraid of  voting for a President with a vagina.” So, it’s not okay to “hate” tomatoes, but it is okay to “hate” a stereotype that is totally false. Okay, got it!

My solid hope is that we can come together as individuals, regardless of race, creed, or color, and work together to keep America the best country in the world. Some people will win, some people will lose, some people will be happy, and some people will be mad. It’s the way the world works. You just have to pick yourself up each day and focus on doing your part to keep the world moving forward.