I’ve basically abandoned the NFL, meaning I no longer watch the games. The product has become terrible and the NFL refuses to do anything about it.

So, that has obviously freed up a ton of my time. Now, instead of watching football on Monday, Thursday, or Sunday, I am left to my own devices – and it’s WONDERFUL!

So far today I’ve done laundry, gone to the grocery, and have accomplished a task that I’ve been putting off for two years.

I cleaned my frickin’ windows! That’s right. Soapy water, sponge, and squeegee were in full effect as I schlepped a ladder around the house and got all of my windows clean.

Let me tell you, the sense of accomplishment is GLORIOUS! I can now see out my windows, no more grime obstructing the lovely view of my dog pooping in the back yard or my neighbor  checking his mail in his boxer shorts.

What amazed me most was the amount of built up gunk all over the windows. There were some spots where I had to bust out a plastic scraper to pry stuff off of the window pane. How does that happen? Where did that stuff come from? What’s weirdest to me is that it occurred only on windows under the patio cover. These aren’t windows “exposed to the world” that a passing bird might have shat on. No, these windows are safely ensconced under the roof of my patio. And whatever was on the window did NOT want to come off. The crap had to be completely scraped off, no amount of soap and sponge would pull that stuff off. Not even the squeegee could get it clean.

I read somewhere that homeowners are supposed to clean their windows twice per year. I’ve lived in this house for about 5 years and have never done it. I’m fairly certain, based on the amount of dirt that came off, the prior owner never did it either. But now, it’s done. The windows are clean and sparkly, like a commercial.

More accurately, I should say the windows “were” clean. About 5 minutes after I finished my task, the rain came. I’ve always heard the cliché about rain coming as soon as you get your car washed, but never after washing windows. Maybe because nobody ever cleans their windows! Amirite?

Yes, the rain came and soiled my freshly washed windows. I guess I’ll clean this latest dirt off sometime in the spring. But, for 5 wonderful minutes, I had the pleasure of viewing the world through completely clean glass for the first time in forever.

So, thank you NFL. If your games weren’t so shitty, I never would have experienced the world through pristine glass.

And, yes, I’m actually looking forward to cleaning them again in the spring. Maybe this is me adulting. I’m finding the successful completion of a chore to be fun and life fulfilling. Hmm, I wonder if that was enough to earn a nap today?