Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs on their spectacular victory last night. First World Series victory since 1908 = dead horse kicked.

I’m shocked by the number of people who have jumped on to the Chicago Cubs bandwagon since the start of the World Series. Many of my friends who were “lifelong” Boston Red Sox fans (at least since 2004) are now suddenly sporting Cubs attire and bragging about how long suffering they were.

Long suffering? You were just celebrating a Red Sox championship in 2013 with your pink Boston hats and faking a Bean Town accent. Now I expect all of them to tell me how great a town Chicago is (many have never set foot in it) and how they’ve been waiting years for this.

It’s all bullshit. Most of them were New York Yankees fans before they were Red Sox or Cubs fans. Is everyone a bandwagon fan? Or, is it just my friends?