I’m back in the office after spending Monday through Wednesday at a conference. There is always a transition period involved when I return from a conference. Does that happen to you too?

Seriously, I spend most of the first morning back doing totally useless stuff, like chatting with coworkers about the conference, shuffling my mail around on my desk, and generally being unproductive. I’m talking about being more unproductive than during a normal work day. By the time lunch rolled around today I had done absolutely nothing worthwhile.

This afternoon has been a little better. I’ve done some solid work to get caught up on emails and the aforementioned physical mail sitting on my desk. No matter how you slice it, I’m nowhere near productive on the 1st day back from a conference as I am on a normal work day. Is it just me?

Returning from vacation works the same way, doesn’t it? You get back and have to ease into the normal routine. I’m hoping tomorrow will be a flurry of activity. I’ve got too much real work piling up on my desk to have another lazy day in the office!