Today my boss informed me that she’s registered me to attend a conference next week. She registered me like a month ago, but forgot to tell me. Bitch! Fortunately its local, but it would have been nice to be able to plan for this interruption in my routine.

The down side is that it’s about an hour away from my house (close to 2 hours during rush hour) and the company won’t put up for a hotel. Do I splurge and stay nearby? Or, do I just make the drive each day?

It’s Monday through Wednesday, with the big cocktail party/networking event taking place at 7:30 pm on Wednesday night. I’m calling it now, I’m not getting home until midnight Wednesday night. Of course sessions start at 7:30 am each day, which should make the whole thing loads of fun.

Should be a good time – not. I’m just hoping the banquet chicken is actually decent. Keep your fingers crossed for me!