Yesterday was my sister’s 50th birthday. Man, the big Five Oh! Unbelievable. I remember when we were both just kids & I would tease her relentlessly. It’s impossible to fathom that she is now 50 years old.

We’re not particularly close, but we did get together to celebrate. She has stuck with the swinging single life, which works well for her. She mocks me being the family man, while I critique her string of boy toys. We got together with her and her latest conquest, a man who can’t be older than 30, at a place in Frisco.

Lots of food and drinks were consumed. After a 5 hour dinner, we parted ways. Her loving life over 50 and me still incredulous at that reality. She’s handling 50 like a champ – banging some young stud and working for a hospital. She’s totally embracing being the “older woman” and all that 50 has to offer. It’s nowhere near the near complete breakdown she had when she turned 40.

I hope that when I reach 50 I can do it with as much confidence as she exhibited last night. Maybe it was all a show for us. If it was, it was very convincing. I hope she enjoys it (and the hangover she surely has today!).

Happy 50th Birthday Sis!