In earlier posts (here and here) I talked about how The Boy broke his wrist at school, their questionable handling of the situation, and my desire to ask some questions about it. Well, there’s been follow-up.

The Boy continues to have issues with the teacher who issued him a lunch detention for failing to turn in a homework assignment while he was getting x-rays. Over the past few weeks there have been numerous questionable situations with this teacher, giving him low grades on completed assignments, making him do extra work, and more. Last week she marked his test half off for each question that involved a mathematical equation because he didn’t show his work. The Boy is great at math and this test involved math (but is not math class). In his brain, math just works. I don’t know how, but it does. You give him a problem & the answer just pops in his head. Anyway, the teacher didn’t like that he failed to show his work, so she marked him off. He got all of the answers right, but instead of getting 100%, he got a 70% (not all questions included math) and now has go in for tutoring and retake the test.

This pissed off The Wife. Uh oh! So, the wife, who has been telling me to remain calm about this whole situation and let it all work out, decides it’s finally time to do something about it.

She schedules a meeting with The Boy’s counselor to discuss the situation. Of course she schedules the appointment while I’m out of town so I can’t raise my concerns. Anyway, the meeting with the counselor is very interesting.

The Wife and The Boy explain what has happened, the broken arm, the detention, the myriad of instances since, ending with this test. The counselor listens and then shares with my wife that the teacher suspects that The Boy is cheating. How else can he get the answers without showing work? This brings The Boy to tears. He is extremely upset about the accusation and offers to do whatever it takes to prove that he isn’t cheating.

The counselor is top notch. She has already spoken to The Boy’s math teacher, who has verified that, yes, The Boy really is that good at math.

The counselor tells The Wife and The Boy that she is surprised about the full situation and had no idea that all of this has been going on. She said that we should have come and talked to her right after everything happened. Yay! I was right! However, what’s done is done and she can’t force the teacher to change his grade. So, he’s stuck with a 70% on the test, until he does the tutoring and retest, which he’ll get 100% on again (and will write something down approaching “work”), which will raise his test grade to an 80%. Still total bullshit in my opinion, but it’s 8th grade, so who cares?

We’re now looking for alternate classes he can switch in to. Apparently one of his teachers from last year teaches this same class during the same period, which would be a perfect alternative. So, we’re trying to make the switch and hope that this doesn’t adversely affect him for the long term.

Why are teachers such assholes sometimes? The Boy has done nothing wrong, yet this teacher is being a total bitch to him. He’s 13 years old, he doesn’t need a woman with an attitude ruining his developmental years!

Have you ever experienced a bad teacher? This chick is doing everything she can to make his life hell for no reason at all. Do you think if I complain enough I can get her fired?