Each Friday I feature a baker’s dozen images of a 40-something lady who “gets my motor running.”

Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich is this week’s Over-Forty Friday Fox. My favorite movie starring Milla is the futuristic film The Fifth Element. A sci-fi epic, Milla is ideally cast as “the perfect element” who has the ability to save the world from evil. Totally awesome film for sci-fi fans! However, Milla is probably best know for starring in the Resident Evil series of films. She is a natural at slaying zombie-like creatures. The films won’t be mistaken for Citizen Kane, but they are lots of fun to watch – even moreso because Milla is super hot. Milla’s background is modeling and there’s no doubt about why. Her face is incredibly expressive and communicative. I think she could easily star in more dramatic/Oscar-bait type of films if someone would give her a chance (or if she would try them). Maybe I’m wrong, but I’d love to find out! They certainly didn’t have gorgeous women like Milla at my high school!

Milla Jovovich Nude

Like last week’s Friday Fox, Jennnifer Connolly, Milla Jovovich has an amazing body and isn’t afraid to show it off. Right from her first starring role, in Return to the Blue Lagoon, Milla’s lithe body took center stage. In the Resident Evil series Milla has only shown peeks and hits of her sexy body. Most of those are more accidental than true displays of her full beauty. For that, your best bet is the film .45. She gets full frontal and has some super sexy lesbian sex. I would be shocked if Milla suddenly got self-conscious and kept her beautiful body from her fans. She is great at sharing! What a beautiful woman!

Enjoy a baker’s dozen images from this Fabulous Over-Forty Fox – Milla Jovovich!

This is not limited to celebrities, I’d love to feature some regular ladies over forty who’ve got it goin’ on. Email me 13 sexy photos and 1 head shot of your fabulous lady who is over 40 and I’ll feature her on an upcoming Friday’s Fox.

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