Last week I shared my delight in experiencing the NFL Sunday Ticket for the first time. Simply put, it is THE BEST WAY to watch football.

You can imagine how excited I was to repeat the experience this past Sunday. Chips and dip were prepped and ready. I had my Dr. Pepper chilling. The media room was cleared out of all non-football fans in the house. TV was on, receiver cranked up, and I was counting down the minutes. I avoid the NFL pregame shows, so I was enjoying watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens for about the 50th time. As my clock strikes noon, I head on over to channel 703 to start my NFL day.

And there was nothing but a black screen. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

What the hell? Maybe something is wrong with my DirecTV receiver. I reboot. While waiting the 10 minutes for it to come back to life, I hop on Google, looking to make sure there isn’t some service outage in my area. Nope, everything is clean.

The DirecTV receiver comes back to life and still no Red Zone Channel, none of the NFL Sunday Ticket channels are showing anything but black. I move to the bedroom. Maybe it’s this TV or receiver. Same problem. No Red Zone, no NFL Sunday Ticket channels, nothing. Oh sure, I could watch the “regular” broadcasts on Fox or CBS, but I want my Red Zone Channel!

So, I go downstairs to find my notes about our switch from Uverse to DirecTV. I want to confirm that we were promised NFL Sunday Ticket for a year as an incentive to switch. Yep, right there on my notepad, I wrote down that the technician promised a year of NFL Sunday Ticket for switching to DirecTV. Obviously there must be something wrong with our setup, so I’ll just call DirecTV.

I call. End up on hold for 10 minutes. Then I get connected to Erin. Erin is super sweet and nice. I explain that I was promised NFL Sunday Ticket, but it’s not coming through. She says that there might be a service outage in my area. I explain that I Googled that, but maybe my Google-fu sucks. She puts me on hold for another few minutes and comes back to tell me that everything is okay in my area. So, maybe there is something wrong with my account. She tells me she’s going to put me on hold for a few minutes, just sit tight and she’ll get right back to me. I’m on hold for another 10 minutes. Then I get disconnected. WHAT THE FUCK? Yep, 25 minutes into the call and somehow we get disconnected.

Crap. However, Erin had confirmed my phone number and said she’d call me if something were to happen. So I wait for the call back. And I wait. And I wait some more.

An hour later and still no call back from Erin. At this point, I decide to try DirecTV again. Another 10 minutes on hold before I’m connected to JC. JC isn’t nearly as sweet as Erin, but at least he hasn’t disconnected me and not followed up – yet. JC does the same thing Erin does, confirms that there isn’t an outage and then looks into my account. Yep, he puts me on hold again. I’m sensing a pattern.

The good news is that JC comes back and tells me that yes, my account shows that I should have NFL Sunday Ticket as part of my installation package. He says that he can’t fix this, but will connect me to someone who can. So I get put on hold. Again.

This time it’s only a couple of minutes. Now I get to listen in as JC talks to Craig who can help me. Craig and JC discuss my account and situation as if I’m not even on the phone. Kind of weird listening to that conversation. JC signs off and leaves me with Craig. Now, I just listed to their entire conversation, so Craig should be able to help me get rolling right off the bat. NOPE! Craig has me go through my entire spiel again, from the very beginning.

After sharing my tale of woe, Craig tells me that he’s going to put me on hold for a minute to look at my account, just like JC and Erin did before him. After 10 minutes Craig comes back and tells me that my account does not include NFL Sunday Ticket and that the person who sold me on switching to DirecTV was mistaken. In fact, the package I have is not compatible with NFL Sunday Ticket and I’d have to change to another service level. But, for $350, he can get me squared away. Forget that! I’ll survive without it!

Look, I like the NFL, but not so much that I’m willing to spend $350 to watch every game. It pisses me off that I was promised the package and was obviously lied to. So, once my DirecTV agreement is up, I’m switching to some other service. I don’t like doing business with companies that lie to get business.

Have you experienced a similar situation? Can you recommend a good provider? I’m wondering if DishNetwork is any good?