I updated my version of Pokémon Go yesterday and have been trying to decide which Pokémon to set as my buddy. For the uninitiated, in Pokémon Go you can pick a “buddy Pokémon” that will earn candy as you walk around. Candy is used to evolve or power up your Pokémon.

Picking the right Pokémon to have as your buddy is important. While it may only earn one candy per kilometer traveled, that one candy could make it possible to evolve or power up a Pokémon you don’t normally encounter.

So, my question to the reader is, which Pokémon should I tag as my buddy?

  • Magikarp – I currently have 299 candies, it takes 400 to evolve. It’s got a CP of 156.
  • Charmander – I have 15 candies, it takes 25 to evolve. It’s got a CP of 372.
  • Snorlax – I have 3 candies, can use them to power it up. It’s got a CP of 1,312

Which would you pick as your buddy? Maybe there is another Pokémon you’d recommend?

Drop a comment and let me know.