This past June we made the switch from the AT&T Uverse TV package to DirecTV. One of the incentives for making the switch was a free year of the NFL Sunday Ticket package. While not the main motivating factor, as a fan of Football, I was certainly intrigued. The Red Zone channel held a particular interest, over the years I’ve heard so many good things about it that I was really looking forward to my first NFL Sunday with the package.

Let me tell you, I was NOT disappointed! Watching NFL Sunday Ticket has totally transformed the way I enjoy Football. No wasted time spent watching an endless succession of 3 plays and a punt drives in the only game being shown. I’m no longer tied to some game that Fox, CBS, or the NFL have decided I “should” be interested in because it involves a team within 500 miles of my home or a divisional opponent. Suffering through commercial breaks every 15 seconds during the final two minutes of each half is gone!

Instead, I can watch just about any game I want! The marketing materials state “Every Game. Every Sunday.” which isn’t quite true. At least two games were blacked out on my DirecTV system. But, even with those two games hidden from my sensitive eyes, I was still able to enjoy an overload of NFL Football! I was able to flip between games like I was on crack. The Cincinnati Bengals game is getting boring? Boom, switch over to watch the Raiders and Saints touchdown orgy. Commercial on that game? Boom, switch over to the Detroit Lions game. I was in football heaven! And it was about to get even better!

DirecTV Red Zone Channel

I’ve heard plenty of people talk about the greatness of the DirecTV Red Zone Channel, but I didn’t believe the hype. Holy shit was I so wrong. It might be the most revolutionary invention in football since the forward pass! Watching football on the Red Zone Channel made the day fly by. If you aren’t familiar with this channel, what they do is jump between all of the games that are being played as teams arrive within the “red zone” or are close to scoring. So, you are constantly watching teams attempt to score. The channel cuts out all of the midfield crap and gets down to what I want to see most – the offense using it’s most “effective” plays with the defense up against the wall. Both teams going all out.

I quickly lose interest in football games that devolve into successive 3-and-out possessions. The DirecTV Red Zone Channel eliminates that. The host, Andrew Siciliano, does an amazing job of keeping the action fast and frenetic. His energy level didn’t wane once during the entire day’s broadcast. He keeps the viewer up to speed as he urges the producers to jump from game to game.

The down side of the DirecTV Red Zone Channel is that you lose some of the flow of the game. You never know who has the momentum or what major hurdles were overcome on that particular drive. So, you do feel a certain disconnect from the emotions of the game. I can easily get past that. I want to watch scoring, so this is an awesome way for me to watch the NFL.

Honestly, I don’t know if I’ll be able to to watch the NFL without the NFL Sunday Ticket package after this season. I attempted to watch the Dallas Cowboys game like a normal sap, but kept longing for Andrew to jump in with some great commentary and then switch me over to a less depressing game (frankly, the Dallas Cowboys suck). In the past I’ve been a less than casual NFL viewer because many of the games I’m stuck with are less than exciting. With the DirecTV Red Zone Channel, I’m already looking forward to next Sunday!

If you have the opportunity, check out the NFL Sunday Ticket package, and especially the DirecTV Red Zone channel. You might get addicted to NFL Crack like I did.