There’s a lady who has recently joined our team who is roughly around my age. This isn’t terribly unusual, there are lots of us mid-lifers here. What I’m enjoying most about her, besides traits such as a great personality, hard working, intelligent, and capable, is that she’s incredibly hot. She’s single (recently divorced), 41 years old, and has a wonderful sense of humor.

Look, I’m not going to cheat on my wife. I have zero illusions that this gorgeous woman would have any interest in me, nor do I have any interest in damaging my marriage. I love my wife too much to do something stupid that would hurt her by having sex with someone else. However, that being said, I have zero problem with appreciating a beautiful woman. If I have a choice, I prefer to look at and work with beautiful women every day. This new co-worker fits that bill. Her smile lights up the whole office. Having great cleavage that she shows off with low-cut tops doesn’t hurt either!

And then today I discovered something about her that changes everything.

Today, while we were working on a project together, she casually mentions that she has a grandchild.

Holy Crap!

A grandkid!


I was completely shell shocked. It totally blows my mind that this hot “young” thing is a grandmother! She certainly doesn’t fit the stereotype of a grandmother. She’s too hot to be a grandmother!

The reality of the situation is that she had her first child when she was young, like 19, and that kid also had their first child young. It’s a vicious cycle. I’ve read several articles about the kids of young/teen parents also having kids at a young age.

Does this change anything? It shouldn’t. She’s still the same wonderful person she was before she shared that she has a grandchild. In the end it probably will alter my perception of her a bit. Now instead of trying to imagine her naked, I’ll probably just picture her baking. It’s totally silly, she’s still hot. Her ass will continue to look spectacular when she wears tight jeans to work. Beyond that thought, I’ll always imagine her with granny-glasses, gray hair, and a shawl.

Isn’t it weird how one small piece of information can change your whole perception of someone? She’s still an amazing co-worker who I’m lucky to work with. Now I’ll just expect her to bring milk and cookies on rainy afternoons while knitting an afghan or something.