This weekend The Boy and I were supposed to go camping. Unfortunately on Thursday he broke his wrist during PE at school, which necessitated a change in plans. According to the doctor, we “could” have gone camping, but he didn’t exactly recommend it.

Here’s my challenge with the whole broken wrist thing. The Boy breaks his wrist at school, during a class and the school has been absolutely horrible about it.

Problem #1 = One of the coaches overseeing the class tells him that he’s overplaying it and that it’s no big deal. He needs to suck it up and get back in line to run more sprints. Being a rule-follower, he does exactly that. He gets down in his runners crouch and puts his hands down to balance. That’s when the pain overwhelms him. He tells the coach again that something is wrong. Coach again tells him that he’s making a big deal out of nothing. He says that he wants to go to the office, call his mom, see a doctor. Coach says fine, most likely to just get rid of the problem. The Boy goes to the office, calls mom, they go get x-rays, and confirm that his wrist is broken.

Problem #2 = Because he left school to get his wrist x-rayed, he missed his final period. Apparently homework was due, which, because he was at the doctor getting an x-ray, he failed to turn in. While waiting for the x-ray results, The Wife gets a call from the school notifying her that The Boy failed to complete an assignment and that his teacher was giving him a lunch detention the following school day (Friday). The Wife immediately emails the teacher, letting her know the wrist situation and that The Boy will be gone Friday, because we were heading out to go camping in the morning. The teacher responds later that night and says that she is sorry to hear about his broken wrist, but that he still has the lunch detention the next day. Also, if he fails to attend lunch detention on Friday, he will get lunch detention every day the following week. PLUS, he was then required to turn in the homework before school starts on Friday morning, or he would get additional detentions.

WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? I get that he’s in middle school and needs to take on more responsibility, own his mistakes, etc. But seriously! The Boy breaks his wrist doing the assigned activities and receives nothing but hassle from the school. Is a little compassion unreasonable? Why are they treating kids so poorly? His school touts it’s “student-first” attitude, but through this situation we’ve experienced anything but that.

He dutifully made his appearance at school Friday morning to submit his homework, but then I took him out of school and we headed off to go see a specialist, which took the majority of the day. Tomorrow should be very interesting! I seriously hope he doesn’t get detention for the rest of the week.