Yes, it’s another Pokémon Go update! Whoo hoo! I know I just posted about how much being a level 22 Pokémon trainer sucks just the other day, but I thought I’d follow up with some additional observations.

Something is definitely different with the way I accumulate EXP. As I mentioned previously, I was averaging 10k EXP during an hour spent walking around the park near my office, but on day 1 of being level 22, it had dropped to about 6,500 EXP in the same time-frame. Since that initial observation, I’ve been diligently tracking the amount of EXP I’ve gained each day walking at lunch. It’s even worse than I imagined!

Over the past four days I am averaging 5,935 EXP during my lunchtime sojourns. I’m still walking the same park, hitting the same Pokéstops and have the same opportunities to catch Pokémon. The only difference I can find is that I’m now level 22.

The Park


Why am I seeing a decrease in the amount of EXP that I’m collecting? It has become significantly more challenging to catch Pokémon. I have not tracked it each day, but yesterday and today I monitored my encounters. What I found was:

  • I had zero encounters with new Pokémon, nothing new even showed up on my “Sightings” screen. Previously I was at least seeing a new Pokémon in the Sightings window. I have registered 93 different Pokémon types to my Pokédex, so there are still plenty of new Pokémon for me to find.
  • Almost half of my encounters ended when the Pokémon fled. The odds of a Pokémon fleeing an encounter have gone up significantly since I ranked up to Level 22. The use of Razz Berries and Great or Ultra Balls seemed to have zero effect on this statistic.
  • Each encounter is taking significantly longer, which results in lost opportunities to catch other Pokémon. What I mean is, when multiple Pokémon appear on my screen, it takes so long to catch the first one that it’s highly likely that the other Pokémon will be gone post-encounter. So, if I see two Pidgeys on the screen and attempt to catch one of them, by the time I finish the encounter, the second Pokémon will no longer be on screen.
  • Why does it take longer to catch Pokémon? Because it’s now taking an average of 10 pokéballs to catch a Pokémon with a CP of 300 or less. Which Pokémon seem to populate the park I walk? Pidgeys and Rattatas that have CPs of less than 300.  The park has 6 Pokéstops that I can rotate through and it’s taking so many pokéballs to catch these low level Pokémon that I’m running out of pokéballs! That SHOULD NOT happen with that many Pokéstops set in a perfect pattern for replenishment. I seem to average about 2 pokéballs at each stop, but I’m spending 10 to 15 pokéballs to catch a single Pidgey. For each Pidgey I catch, I have to stop at 7 Pokéstops just to replenish from the single encounter.
  • On the positive side, encounters with Pokémon that have a CP over 300 are still only taking a couple of pokéballs to catch. Unfortunately, the chance of encountering a high level Pokémon seems to have decreased significantly. When looking back through my Recently caught Pokémon, an Tauros with a CP of 765 is the only high-value Pokémon I’ve caught since level 21. Otherwise, it’s a long list of Pidgeys and Rattatas that have CPs around 100 to 125.

Beyond that, I’m also noticing that the GPS tracker for the game is completely off. This may not be news to everyone else, but it’s surprising to me. A loop around the park is .4 kilometers. Yes, I measured it (it helps that the park has it listed too). Doing simple math, I can figure out that 12.5 loops around the park equals 5 kilometers. Today, before starting my walk, I initiated the incubation of a new 5 km egg as a test. I walked 10 loops of the park, plus the distance to and from my office. Now, based on the .4 distance around the park, my egg should be right around 4 km complete, more like 4.1 or 4.2 due to the distance to and from my office. Was my egg even close to 4 km complete? If you said, “No” than you guessed right. Instead, my egg shows 2.6 km complete. Almost a third less than where it should be. I’m totally getting screwed! I’m not walking very fast, so much so that I could throw off a GPS tracker, but still, I want full credit for my journey!

Are you experiencing similar flaws? I have to walk for my health, and I’d much rather have something to keep me entertained while I do that. So, Pokémon Go is a perfect fit. I just wish Niantic would straighten out some of these flaws. Pokémon Go is a decent game at this point, but it could be so much better. I hope they don’t completely squander this amazing opportunity. But, everything I read seems to point to them having zero interest in making Pokémon Go a GREAT game.

Let me know what you think in the comments section! I’d love to hear what others are experiencing!