Today we had a Mexican-themed pot luck lunch at work. Why do I always feel like I’m getting screwed on the pot luck? I bring a homemade dish – today was chili con queso with lots of salsa and ground beef, as well as a bowl of queso blanco. I put some serious effort into making them last night.

I don’t care about getting recognition for my hard work. What ticks me off are the people who float along, bringing paper plates or napkins. What the hell is that? If you bring something so trivial, you should also be required to bring a secondary item. Maybe a bottle of Dr. Pepper, a bag of nachos, or some condiments at the very least.

Am I alone in my disgust for people who take advantage of the pot luck? It always seems to be the same flakes who bring the lame stuff. I’ve also noticed that they’re the ones who tend to eat the most. Keep your eye on those slackers!