The first day of school is upon my family. The Kids were not exactly thrilled about having to get up early (or go to school), while The Wife and I couldn’t wait for them to be gone!

The Girl starts her Junior year of high school. We know that our time with her is limited, so we’re taking every opportunity to treasure each of these moments. She hates the fact that we want to take pictures of everything, but hopefully, one day, she’ll be thankful we did this. This morning we took some great photos of her as she was heading out the door and she made us promise to not post them to any social media site, website, or any other place where someone other than our immediate family could see them. Bummer! I was ready to share them all to Facebook.

On the flip side was The Boy. He LOVES having his picture taken and wants the entire world to see it. So, I’ve posted tons of his 1st Day photos on my personal social media channels. Of course grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, etc. are liking the photos. I probably get more likes for the 1st day of School photos than anything else I post.

Do you like seeing the 1st day of school photos? I absolutely love seeing my friend’s kids heading off to school. In some cases, t’s amazing to see how much they’ve matured over the summer. In others, it’s the realization that so & so’s kid is now in 7th grade, even though I still think of them as a toddler or baby. Maybe school photos are the most efficient means of keeping track of time. We see the kids of our friends evolve from snotty nosed tykes to young adults, with a marker each August/September indicating that a full year has passed. To be honest, I really don’t pay attention to my friend’s posts about their kids normally – except for when it’s a first day of school photo.

Salma Hayek 12
Not The Girl, actually Salma Hayek

Okay, I do want to make a quick rant about what parents are letting their kids wear to school. One friend posted a picture of her teen daughter wearing an outfit that was more suited for the club, not school. It was short, tight, and left nothing to the imagination. Normally, I’m all for that style, but not when it’s a young lady I remember holding as a baby. Mom’s a teacher for Pete’s sake! She should know better! Let me tell you, the boys at Plano High School are going to be in for a shock when they see this young lady walk down the halls. I fully expect all of the heads to turn to catch a glimpse. I guess I’m getting old because instead of nodding in approval of her skin-baring outfit, I want to run over to the school and cover her up in a parka or blanket. I wonder if I would have the same reaction if I didn’t know her and her family so well? Maybe I’m just a hypocrite about it? I’d love to get your thoughts.