We had booked a Royal Caribbean cruise for the week of Spring Break. All was wonderful & we were looking forward to trying out a new cruise line. We were reviewing excursions, getting familiar with the ship, checking out all the activities.

This morning my sister-in-law informs us that the day we planned to leave for our cruise is also the same day my nephew is marrying his college sweetheart. Wah wah wahhhh…

Crap! So, now we’re going to have to change our Spring Break plans and push the cruise to the summer. I’m not sure if we’ll stay with Royal Caribbean or try one of the other cruise lines.

Any suggestions or ideas are more than welcome. The Wife and I have both been swamped with work, so we haven’t had a chance to call Royal to find out what our options are.

One hiccup is that we had booked two rooms – one for the adults with a balcony, and an internal room for the kids. It was going to be wonderful not having to share the room with two smelly teenagers. Unfortunately, now that we’re going to have to change plans, I don’t know if we’ll be able to get the same deal as our first booking. When we booked it was some special super ridiculous low rate that is no longer being offered.

My fingers are crossed that we can simply switch the booking to a different sailing in the summer, keep the two rooms, and only have to pay any difference in the cost of the sailings.

Of course, the best part will be hanging out at the wedding in March, thinking about how I could have been sailing around the Caribbean instead of inside of a stuffy church eating stale appetizers.