I’m so bummed that my vacation is now over…

We had an amazing time cruising around Alaska on the Disney Wonder. It’s a wonderful ship with a crew beyond compare.

I could go on for hours about the incredible scenery, delightful food, great shows, all of it. But I won’t. The hardest thing for me to read is someone else’s account of their vacation.


So, instead of boring you with a slide show of my pictures, I’m going to pass along 3 things you MUST do if you take a Disney Cruise to Alaska:

  1. The day you’re at Tracy Arm (we ended up at Endicott Arm due to excessive ice), look for the grilled buffet going on behind Beach Blanket Buffet. Yes, the normal restaurant has the usual buffet going on, but on the back of the ship, on the patio, there is another, special Alaska-oriented buffet to enjoy. They have great meats, including Elk! I love grilling & they had some amazing grill masters cooking up tender & juicy steaks, burgers, and more!
  2. Stop in the Cove Cafe in the Adult area to get some desserts. I’ve already forgotten the names of everything I tried, but they were very chocolaty and extremely tasty. We would swing by every afternoon and get a plate full of goodies. Take that back to the kids in the room or up on deck while watching Alaska float by & you have the makings of a wonderful trip.
  3. Dog sledding puppies! Sign up for one of the dog sledding excursions. It doesn’t matter which one, we got similar reports from people on each. At the end you get to play with the dog sled puppies. For The Kids, this was the best part of the vacation. We took a dog sledding excursion in Juneau and had a great time learning about the sport. But, the most fun was had playing with the puppies. Everyone, young and old, had fun with the puppies. I’m telling you, kids will love it, women will melt at the cuteness, and you get to have fun watching all of it!

Go now! Sign up for your Alaskan cruise before it gets too expensive. Disney Cruise Line does an amazing job, but I’m sure the others are just as terrific. We had a great time, you will too!