I did it! I had my colonoscopy finally! And you know what? It wasn’t a big deal. Sure, it’s not the most fun I’ve ever had on a day off, but I definitely feel better about my health having done it.

Previously, I posted about how nervous I was leading up to taking the bowel prep stuff. Honestly, it wasn’t bad at all. People had warned me that the stuff tasted awful and took the full allotted hour to drink. Really? I actually liked the taste and was able to down the stuff in just a few minutes. I’m not saying I want to drink it every night with dinner, but it wasn’t the horribly unpleasant experience my friends, family, and co-workers had built it up to be.

The overall prep of clearing my bowels for the colonoscopy wasn’t bad either. I told The Wife that it was like having a bad reaction to seafood, but without stomach pain. Sure, I spent a few hours sitting on the toilet, but I’ve done that plenty of times before. One big piece of advice I have is to bring reading material with you. I had my iPad going full blast during my prep sessions and it was wonderful. I just sat there, surfing the web, reading Reddit, and “clearing the pipes” to get ready for the colonoscopy. The Wife couldn’t criticize me for spending too much time on the toilet! It was heaven! The only problem was that my ass started hurting from wiping so much. I’ll use baby wipes next time!

As for the actual colonoscopy, it was a piece of cake. The nurses kept commenting on how calm I was. We showed up at the specified time, filled out some paperwork, and then I was taken to the back. I stripped down, slipped into a stylish hospital gown, laid down, and then they went to work on me.

First up was the IV and going over my paperwork. Everyone was super careful, constantly asking me to confirm who I was, what I was in for, and who was driving me home. It was great to see a team of people so focused on doing their jobs well. It was awesome!

After about 10 minutes of getting me prepped, they wheeled me into the exam room. I met the team that would work on me. Everyone was super nice & kept asking the same three questions – who was I, what was I in for, and who was driving me home. It’s their mantra!

They administered the anesthesia, and then the next thing I know, I’m laying in the recovery room, listening to my wife talk to one of the nurses. Boom, that was it! Colonoscopy over and I’ll be good to go once I meet with the doctor.

Of course, on cue, my doctor comes in, gives me the rundown of what he found, or didn’t, and then clears me to leave. I was there for maybe an hour and a half total. The only pain I felt was momentarily when they poked me for the IV. Other than that, I slept through the actual colonoscopy and didn’t feel any discomfort after.

So, if you’re concerned about being uncomfortable or “feeling” the probe go up your butt, you have nothing to worry about. I never felt any part of the procedure and the only soreness I experienced was from wiping so much during the bowel prep. Kudos to the entire group that helped me through the process.

A colonoscopy is nothing to be scared of. It’s a super easy procedure – all you have to do is lay there! If you’re in the right age range, over 40, talk to your doctor about whether your family history suggests you should have one done. Most men don’t need them until they’re 50 or older, but a family history of issues, like mine, might trigger an earlier screening.

Go, get it done!