I’ve previously mentioned that we booked a Disney Cruise as our vacation for the summer. Well, we’re just over a week away from setting sail and I’m going CRAZY!

No, it’s not the looming chore of having to pack or the dread of getting up at 0-dark-thirty to make it to the airport, hoping our flight is on time, so we land with enough time to make it to the cruise terminal. No, what’s driving me crazy is the wait. I’m losing my mind from the anticipation!

I’ve got a major project for work wrapping up right before I take off for two weeks, and, at this point, I’ll be amazed if I make any additional progress on it before leaving. I might as well turn it in now. My focus for anything not related to the cruise is completely gone.

Instead, I spend my work day reading the Disney Cruise forums, like the Disboards, looking for any tidbit of information I can find that will make the cruise even more spectacular than I already anticipate. We’ve cruised with Disney Cruise Lines five times already, so you’d think I’d be bored reviewing everyone else’s silly noob questions. Nope, I am fascinated by what their expectations are. I love seeing the “experts” destroy expectations and show the noobs that there is more to a cruise than just hanging out, eating a ton of food, and going on an excursion or two.


It’s amazing how many cool secrets there are when it comes to cruising. Little tidbits about good room service items, or when is the best time to book a massage, or even which excursions to avoid completely! There is always a wealth of knowledge being shared. I try to consume all of it leading up to our departure. I think my addiction to the research may be “slightly” unhealthy.

Of course, reading about other’s cruises, whether upcoming or just past, gets me even more amped for my cruise. It cannot get here fast enough. I’m down to single digit days before our Sail Away party and I cannot wait. My family thinks I’m totally nuts because I’m so hyped up, but they don’t have to sit in an office all day, staring at numbers on a computer screen for endless hours, listening to thrash-metal guy, under soul-crushing fluorescent lights. The cruise is my escape, and I’m totally ready for it.

What do you think? Is a week ahead of vacation too early to mentally check out at work?