The family and I are huge fans of the TV show Big Brother, are you? Three nights a week we plan our entire evening around the show. Honestly, it’s the only “must watch” show in the house.

The thing I love about it is that we can all discuss the strategy employed by the different house guests, as well as their behavior. There are many great lessons to be learned by The Kids from the words and actions of the house guests. They see how “adults” behave when put into a stressful situation or are confronted with truths they don’t want to know. Bullying, lying, flirting, sharing, loving, working together, succeeding, failing, all of it is there to be witnessed.

I’m the only one in the family who stays current with the feeds via RealityBBQ and Joker’s Updates. The rest of the family only watch the TV show. It’s challenging not oversharing when something big happens in the house that won’t air for several days. It can drive me nuts not being able to say something. Right now I want to share just how insane Jozea is, but can’t. Hopefully CBS airs some of his delusions of grandeur!

We’re huge fans of the Chenbot, Julie Chen – in relationship to Big Brother, but could care less about any of her other shows. Her wooden interview style has become part of the Big Brother ambiance. I wouldn’t want another interviewer, it would ruin the BB mojo. Plus, the fact that she’s aware of and embraces the “Chenbot” persona is awesome. It shows how much of a thick skin Julie has, and that she’s not afraid to laugh at herself.

Who is your favorite hamster/house guest? Currently our favorites are James, Frank, Nicole, and Zakiyah. Yeah, it’s heavy on the favorites & we don’t expect them to survive the full season completely unscathed, but they are the most entertaining and playing the best game so far. Zakiyah is the most promising noob. She has done a great job of ingratiating herself with the vets, playing a very solid, under-the-radar game. Keep it up! She’s who I’m pulling for to win – so far!

We loathe Jozea and Paul! It became readily apparent that neither one has ever watched a full season of Big Brother. They came in talking smack, with zero knowledge of how the game worked or that the social aspect can be just as important, if not more so, than the physical or mental aspect.

Who will win? Who knows??? All I know is that I can’t wait to see what happens!

Check it out if you don’t watch it already!