I seriously wonder why I even bother trying to listen to the afternoon show of Mike Rhyner and Corby Davidson on The Ticket anymore. The drive home today just reinforced the notion that Mike and Corby have lost touch with their listeners.

Today’s example:

5:17 pm – I start up my car and The Ticket is wrapping up the Ticker. Corby and Mike start into a segment on Euro 2016 or whatever the hell that is. They’re totally fascinated by Iceland. Yes, peak drive time and Mike and Corby the Douchbag are talking SOCCER! What a fucking waste of broadcast time. If I was paying to advertise on the Ticket, I would pull my ads. They’re doing you no favors. Oh well, time to find something else to listen to. I wonder what Ben & Skin are doing on 105.3 The Fan?

5:18 pm – Ben and Skin have Jared Sandler on, discussing the Texas Rangers. Now this is radio I can listen to! Normally I can’t stand these two jackasses, but when they have a good guest to interview, they become tolerable. Jared brings lots of hot takes and useful information.

5:27 pm – The Fan heads to a commercial break, time to find something else to listen to. Say, it’s been about 10 minutes, I wonder if Mike and Pinhead are still boring their listeners with soccer talk? Yup, so I head on over to ESPN Radio for the Cowlishaw & Mosley radio program.  For the first time in a long time they’re not subjecting their 50 listeners to another afternoon of Baylor talk. Instead, they’re talking about the Dallas Mavericks. I’m in, I can tolerate the Mavericks – for a bit.

5:30 pm – More Mavericks talk on ESPN, which, as a non-NBA fan is starting to get boring. Time to wander down the dial a bit. Let’s see what Mike and Shithead Davidson are discussing. Oops, commercial break. Sorry advertisers, but the soccer talk is preventing anyone from hearing your wonderful ads. Fortunately The Fan is back from commercial and we’re getting the Texas Rangers pregame broadcast. More Jared Sandler talking Rangers is always a good thing!

5:35 pm – Jared takes a break, time to see what Mike and Numb-nuts are doing. Hey, they’re back from commercial. Yay! Maybe we can listen in. NOPE! Corby The Name-dropper and his pal, the dickless wonder, Danny Balis, are ranting about the lack of interest in soccer in the US, while Rhyner is sitting quietly, praying for death. Actually, Rhyner is probably listening to Jared Sandler discuss the Rangers over on 105.3 The Fan.

5:36 pm – I wanna be like Mike! So, I head back to hear Jared talk about the Rangers some more.

5:45 pm – I’m pulling in my driveway. In preparation for the next day I flip over to The Ticket so I can hear The Musers first thing in the AM. And, yep, Corby “Jackass” Davidson and that useless tool Danny are STILL ranting about the lack of US interest in soccer.

Welp, in the near 30 minutes I spent driving home, prime time for drive time radio – The Ticket wasted the entire time, less an extended commercial break, focused on soccer, while their competitors were discussing the FIRST PLACE TEXAS RANGERS and the Dallas Mavericks. What do I want to listen to more? I’m in the Rangers camp first and foremost, with the Mavericks being much more tolerable than soccer talk.

Why does The Ticket continue to attempt to force soccer down the listener’s throats? I can’t tune in on the weekends because they’re either talking about golf (boring), soccer (NOPE!), or NASCAR (pointless). I’m out on all three of those.

The Hardline is doing its best to push me away from the channel completely. Why do they continue to employ Corby Davidson? He is supposed to be “abrasive and over the top,” instead he’s just annoying and useless. His opinions come from a position lacking any knowledge, and he thinks that shouting helps make his points stronger. What a tool! I think they keep him around just because they feel sorry for him. He’s like the intern who became a full time employee because nobody was brave enough to tell him that he was fired because he sucks.

Fortunately Gordon Keith has been on his meds lately so I can somewhat enjoy The Musers in the morning. George Dunham and Craig Miller are the station’s saving grace. I’d love to see Donovan Lewis take over Corby’s spot with Mike Rhyner. That would be a wonderful show to listen to!

If they spend much more time on soccer during the prime commute time, I’m going to switch to 105.3 The Fan completely. Although I might have to drive in silence in the morning because Shan is almost as grating as Gordon Keith and Fucknut Davidson combined.