As a family we took our first cruise in 2008, sailing on the Disney Wonder. Since that initial foray into cruising as a family, cruises have been our sole form of vacation. Disney Cruise Line (DCL) has been our cruise line of choice every time.

Well, not anymore! We have booked a Spring Break 2017 trip on Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas and we couldn’t be more excited. We can’t wait to try out a new cruise line & compare the voyage with our previous DCL experiences.

The Wife actually booked it without telling me. We have been discussing our 2017 vacation plans, tossing around ideas and working to figure out our itinerary. Since DCL keeps raising prices & I’m not independently wealthy, we’ve been discussing trying out a new line. We’ve looked at Royal, Carnival, Celebrity, Norwegian, and Holland American. All of them have great pros and their own unique cons. We got to a point in our conversation where we had more questions than answers and decided to table the discussion until after our upcoming Disney cruise to Alaska.


That wasn’t good enough for The Wife. Earlier this week she decides to call Royal Caribbean to get some answers. During her conversation with the friendly representative from Royal, she learns how much cheaper it is to book with Royal versus Disney – several THOUSANDS of dollars cheaper!

Then, the friendly representative from Royal slyly shares that we can actually reserve TWO rooms and still save THOUSANDS of dollars versus the same DCL itinerary! All she had to do was put down a small deposit.


There it is, the inhibitions are gone. She went ahead and took a leap, booking two rooms on the Liberty of the Seas for our next spring break. Surprisingly, she was worried that I would be upset with her for booking without asking me. In fact, I’m ecstatic – I didn’t have to do anything to make it happen and she’s taken care of all the planning details, which is the part I hate the most!

She even told the kids about the trip before telling me. What the heck is up with that? Am I that difficult to get along with? It doesn’t matter to me, I’ll be sipping margaritas on my veranda in the Caribbean in March. What more could you ask for?