I had a horrible Father’s Day, I seriously hope yours was WAY better than mine.

The Girl was at a competition all week with The Wife. I spent Saturday night with them while The Boy was with his grandfather. I was hoping to wake up to a chorus of “Happy Father’s Day” or something similar.

Sunday morning I get up, sharing a small hotel room with The Girl and The Wife. Not a word about Father’s Day.

We go to breakfast. Not a word about Father’s Day.

We pack up and go to the designated meet up with the other families so we can caravan back home together. FINALLY one of the other dad’s tells me, “Happy Father’s Day!” The Wife’s response is, “Oh, is that today?” Yes dear.

Of course, hearing that The Girl growls out something that sounds similar to “mmallafpashdklfa.” According to The Wife, that was as close to “Happy Father’s Day” as I should expect from her.

We get home, The Boy is deep into Minecraft and has no clue there are other carbon based lifeforms within a reasonable vicinity. No luck there.

I spend the afternoon unloading the car, going to the grocery, doing some repair work at home, trimming the dog’s toenails, etc. Your usual weekend stuff. At 5pm The Wife says that in honor of Father’s Day we’re going out to dinner & I get to pick the restaurant.  Yippee!! Steakhouse here I come!

We all pile into the car. Kids are unhappy about being torn away from Minecraft and whatever else they were doing. I tell them I want to go to the local steakhouse. Lots of grumbling. The Girl chooses that moment to announce that she’s now a vegetarian and that meat is murder. The Boy complains that the steakhouse doesn’t have anything he wants to eat. I remind them that it’s my day and that they can watch me eat if they want, but I’m having a steak.

We get to the restaurant and it’s an hour and a half wait. I shit you not. Inside is totally full, no where to wait but outside & it’s approximately 150 degrees. We trudge back to the car and decide to head to another nearby steakhouse. Not anywhere as good as place #1, but still, not terrible.

It’s a short drive over to place #2 & the entire time The Kids give the same complaints. “Geeze dad, how can you murder a cow? They’re so cute” followed by her texting me 20 pictures of cows doing cute things. The boy again complains about a lack of edible options for him.

We arrive. Only an hour and fifteen minute wait at location #2. SHIT! Now the wife is complaining about how starving she is and that the wait is too long. Again, no place to sit but outside and it’s approaching surface of the sun type temperatures.

That’s it, we’re going to location #3, which is not a steakhouse, but maybe they have something approaching steak on the menu. The Girl is reasonably happy because they have good rolls and chicken and dumplings (apparently chickens aren’t cute enough to warrant the meat is murder tag). The Boy can’t remember if he likes anything they have there, but at least he knows he can get a cheeseburger. The Wife is happy because there is never a line & Father’s Day evening holds true to form. We get there, and guess what? No steak on the menu.

Awesome. I’ve made everyone happy. But me.  The one damn thing I wanted was a good steak. I guess I’ll have to get one some other time.

A cheeseburger is just like steak, right? Take it off the bun and it’s just like eating a steak. That’s what The Wife kept telling me throughout dinner.

One good thing about this restaurant is that they have an awesome apple pie dessert. I was ready to order mine and The Wife tells the waiter that we have a special dessert waiting at home. Okay, my interest is piqued.

We get home and there is something smeared all over the family room rug & sofa. Torn paper sack is scattered throughout the downstairs. One of the dogs discovered the special dessert & somehow dragged it off the counter  (our dogs are small). It looks like they had a great time enjoying my apple pie as  they pushed the pan all over the family room after tearing through the paper sack it was being hidden in.

Yep, my favorite dessert & the dogs got to enjoy it. I got to clean it up and smell the wonderful cinnamon as I scrubbed the carpet and couch clean.

While cleaning, I noticed that I was getting hot. At first I thought I was just working up a sweat. Nope. Our A/C broke while we were out. That’s just fate being cruel to me, kicking me while I’m down.

After finishing the clean up, I took a quick shower to cool off and went to bed. I laid there for hours listening to the rattle of the ceiling fan, which eventually ground to a halt. Yep, I ended up sleeping on the wood floor of our game room upstairs because A) the wood was cool, and B) that ceiling fan still worked. I’m sore as hell today & hoping we can get an A/C guy out.

I seriously hope your Father’s Day was better than mine. I’m very thankful that we could all be together for much of the day. It would have been nice if everything else had worked out in a positive manner instead.

Oh well, nobody got hurt and we’ll give it another try next year!