Each spring, before summer break, we encourage The Boy to participate in a few camps to keep from getting bored. Each spring The Boy tells us that he won’t get bored & that he just wants to stay home and play on his computer. We’ve ignored his lack of interest in summer camps and signed him up anyway – until this year.

After years of fighting about it, this spring we decided to go with his preferred option and only registered him for 3 summer camps. One he “has” to take as part of his upcoming school year. The other two are just for fun and involve his favorite game, Minecraft. Otherwise, he could spend his days sleeping in and playing games on his computer.


Numerous camp options have come up as summer was closing in. Each one looked like a ton of fun to me. One was a cool computer programming course at SMU. There was a sleepover camp at UNT for gifted and talented students. Shoot, the boy even got an invitation from a top 25 college to come out and spend a week at their talent Identification camp meeting with other smart kids and having fun doing things like blowing up chemical experiments and making a trébuchet. He turned them all down. Every. Single. Damn. One.

Every time a camp came up, we said he’d be bored if he didn’t go. And his rote response was that there’s no way he’ll get bored this summer, he just wants to play Minecraft.

Well, today was the tipping point. I don’t know what triggered it. Perhaps he slept in too long. Perhaps nobody else was on Minecraft. Perhaps the realization hit him that he’s been out of school for almost three full weeks. He finally said the words, “I’m bored.” Actually, he texted them to me!

I’m kind of giddy & don’t know how to respond. The obvious reply is “I told you so” but I don’t know that I want to do that to the kid. He let every single opportunity pass him by, thus here we are, The Boy is bored. Maybe I should “gently” remind him of the camps he turned down. Do I check to see if any are still accepting late registrations? What would you do?

There are only like 10 more weeks of summer left. Two will be occupied by the remaining Minecraft camps, one by vacation. That leaves 7 weeks with NOTHING to do – just like he wanted! This is going to be a long, painful summer for him.

Oh, you know I’m sending “I told you so” back.