Yesterday in the mail I received the dreaded summons to appear at the McKinney Courthouse for jury duty! Blah… Honestly, I have no problem doing my part as a citizen. I’ve been called many times in the past, but have never once been selected for a jury.

The only problem is that the day I’m supposed to appear falls within my pre-planned (and paid for) vacation. Flights book, hotel room reserved, activities scheduled, so on and so forth. Ugh! All night I was dreading the chore of rescheduling my jury duty service (not opting out). I’ve done it before and it was one of the worst tasks I’ve ever undertaken. Prior rescheduling efforts involved talking with a clerk or someone who is totally disinterested in making the process pleasant. Every previous time it’s been a battle getting my service rescheduled. I would rather sit in line for hours at the DMV than go through the process of rescheduling jury duty. Getting jury duty postponed could be one of the worst tasks known to humanity.


Holy crap was I wrong! I don’t know how Collin County could make the process any easier. The card I received told me that I had to visit within 10 days of receipt to answer a questionnaire. I dutifully log on to the site this morning and start the questionnaire. Simple questions, stuff like am I John Hightower? Yes, check! Am I alive? Yes, check! Am I over 18? Yes, check. You get the idea. Pretty basic stuff. This goes on for maybe 3 or 4 pages.

The entire time I’m answering their questions, the thought is rattling around in the back of my head that at the end of the questionnaire I’ll have to fill in some text box with the reason why I think my service should be rescheduled. From there, some county employee would evaluate my answer and let me know whether I had sufficiently convinced him or her of my worthiness for a deferral.

Nope! Not at all. Collin County made it ridiculously easy. Once I finished and confirmed my answers to the questions, the website presented a summary page that included the date and time for me to appear. Right next to that was a little button that said, “Reschedule.” I clicked on the button and was taken to a calendar showing the month of July. I could scroll through the various weeks and select any subsequent Monday after my original date. Boom, I chose a date that appears to work with my schedule and click “Okay.”

The next thing I see is a confirmation page with a notice that a new juror summons will be sent closer to the date I selected. No need to haggle over dates or argue with someone over the worthiness of my requested change.

HOLY CRAP! I seriously spent maybe 10 minutes answering the question and choosing a date that was extremely convenient to me. All hail our online overlords!

Thank you to Collin County for making the process so easy and user friendly! My tax dollars at work in a great way! I’m 100% behind this use of funds!

Now, how easy will they make it to reschedule on my second jury duty notice?