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June 2016

Can I Get On Board Now?

I’ve previously mentioned that we booked a Disney Cruise as our vacation for the summer. Well, we’re just over a week away from setting sail and I’m going CRAZY!

No, it’s not the looming chore of having to pack or the dread of getting up at 0-dark-thirty to make it to the airport, hoping our flight is on time, so we land with enough time to make it to the cruise terminal. No, what’s driving me crazy is the wait. I’m losing my mind from the anticipation!

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At work we’re required to use Microsoft Internet Explorer as our browser, which has MSN as the default home page. The MSN page usually updates the stories daily, with the featured stories on the slider updating several times per day. Of course I suspect that MSN tries to tailor the featured stories based on the history of my searches and clicks.

For the past four days my featured story has been Gwyneth Paltrow opening up about co-parenting with Chris Martin. Why? I have never searched for Gwyneth Paltrow at work. I don’t click on gossip sites. Did People Magazine pay for this story to be featured for the entire week? It’s the fucking #1 item in the slider, what the hell? I can’t imagine that Goopy is that popular.


This has nothing to do with anything I’ve shown any interest in. The majority of my search & click history is sports related. Is MSN trying to say that people with heavy interests in sports should be concerned about Gwyneth Paltrow’s parenting style? What are they trying to tell me? Can I please get a new feature story that I might be willing to click on?

Big Brother 18

The family and I are huge fans of the TV show Big Brother, are you? Three nights a week we plan our entire evening around the show. Honestly, it’s the only “must watch” show in the house.

The thing I love about it is that we can all discuss the strategy employed by the different house guests, as well as their behavior. There are many great lessons to be learned by The Kids from the words and actions of the house guests. They see how “adults” behave when put into a stressful situation or are confronted with truths they don’t want to know. Bullying, lying, flirting, sharing, loving, working together, succeeding, failing, all of it is there to be witnessed.

I’m the only one in the family who stays current with the feeds via RealityBBQ and Joker’s Updates. The rest of the family only watch the TV show. It’s challenging not oversharing when something big happens in the house that won’t air for several days. It can drive me nuts not being able to say something. Right now I want to share just how insane Jozea is, but can’t. Hopefully CBS airs some of his delusions of grandeur!

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Why does The Ticket Hate the Listeners?

I seriously wonder why I even bother trying to listen to the afternoon show of Mike Rhyner and Corby Davidson on The Ticket anymore. The drive home today just reinforced the notion that Mike and Corby have lost touch with their listeners.

Today’s example:

5:17 pm – I start up my car and The Ticket is wrapping up the Ticker. Corby and Mike start into a segment on Euro 2016 or whatever the hell that is. They’re totally fascinated by Iceland. Yes, peak drive time and Mike and Corby the Douchbag are talking SOCCER! What a fucking waste of broadcast time. If I was paying to advertise on the Ticket, I would pull my ads. They’re doing you no favors. Oh well, time to find something else to listen to. I wonder what Ben & Skin are doing on 105.3 The Fan?

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Has anyone done TSA Pre✓? If so, how does the in-airport process of fingerprinting, etc. go? Is it more like the DMV or do they adhere to your appointment time and make it a smooth process? How quickly is the approval process? If I have an appointment later this week, how soon will I have my TSA Pre✓ number?

With all of the business travel I’ve been doing lately, this seems like a no-brainer. It’s only $85 and will help me sail through lines.

Friday Fox – Amy Smart

Each Friday I feature a baker’s dozen images of a 40-something lady who “gets my motor running.”

Amy Smart

This week’s Over Forty Fox is the super sexy Amy Smart. Amy has played smart, sexy, funny, and combinations of all three. She is a very underrated actress best known for her work in Varsity Blues, Road Trip (a personal favorite), and the Crank series. Most recently I’ve enjoyed her work on TV in the shows Justified and Shameless. Amy Smart is a very capable actress, she’s one to watch in the coming years. I expect another breakout with some of her terrific upcoming roles. They certainly didn’t have gorgeous women like Amy at my high school!

Amy Smart Nude

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Royal Caribbean Here We Come!

As a family we took our first cruise in 2008, sailing on the Disney Wonder. Since that initial foray into cruising as a family, cruises have been our sole form of vacation. Disney Cruise Line (DCL) has been our cruise line of choice every time.

Well, not anymore! We have booked a Spring Break 2017 trip on Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas and we couldn’t be more excited. We can’t wait to try out a new cruise line & compare the voyage with our previous DCL experiences.

The Wife actually booked it without telling me. We have been discussing our 2017 vacation plans, tossing around ideas and working to figure out our itinerary. Since DCL keeps raising prices & I’m not independently wealthy, we’ve been discussing trying out a new line. We’ve looked at Royal, Carnival, Celebrity, Norwegian, and Holland American. All of them have great pros and their own unique cons. We got to a point in our conversation where we had more questions than answers and decided to table the discussion until after our upcoming Disney cruise to Alaska.


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Father’s Day

I had a horrible Father’s Day, I seriously hope yours was WAY better than mine.

The Girl was at a competition all week with The Wife. I spent Saturday night with them while The Boy was with his grandfather. I was hoping to wake up to a chorus of “Happy Father’s Day” or something similar.

Sunday morning I get up, sharing a small hotel room with The Girl and The Wife. Not a word about Father’s Day.

We go to breakfast. Not a word about Father’s Day.

We pack up and go to the designated meet up with the other families so we can caravan back home together. FINALLY one of the other dad’s tells me, “Happy Father’s Day!” The Wife’s response is, “Oh, is that today?” Yes dear.

Of course, hearing that The Girl growls out something that sounds similar to “mmallafpashdklfa.” According to The Wife, that was as close to “Happy Father’s Day” as I should expect from her.

We get home, The Boy is deep into Minecraft and has no clue there are other carbon based lifeforms within a reasonable vicinity. No luck there.

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Friday Fox – Gretchen Mol

Each Friday I feature a baker’s dozen images of a 40-something lady who “gets my motor running.”

Gretchen Mol

This week’s Over Forty Fox is one of the sexiest ladies around, Gretchen Mol. Gretchen’s been in a ton of movies that you didn’t realize she was in. She really stood out to me in the movie The Thirteenth Floor. I honestly can’t tell you much about the movie, or who else was in it, other than Gretchen. She hasn’t been afraid of taking on some controversial roles, especially with her turn as the title character in The Notorious Bettie Page. She’s another stunner from Boardwalk Empire. That show had all of the beautiful ladies, Gretchen, Kelly MacDonald, Aleksa Palladino, Paz de la Huerta, and more! When I see that Gretchen’s in a movie, I know I’m in for a treat. They certainly didn’t have gorgeous women like Gretchen at my high school!

Gretchen Mol Nude

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