I’m avidly following the recent Baylor University Football saga – rape, actively hiding player sexual misconduct, firing the coach, AD quitting, Ken Starr’s status up in the air….  All of it is very interesting, especially to someone like me with a daughter who is starting to look at colleges.

Baylor University has been a family tradition. Four very close relatives graduated from Baylor. My daughter was seriously considering Baylor as a potential college. I’m so glad she doesn’t have to decide until we find out more about this entire scandal.

Would I be worried about her attending Baylor? Definitely . But I’ll be just as worried with any school she chooses. In fact, you might be able to argue that for the next several years Baylor will be one of the safest schools she could possibly attend since everyone will be hyper-vigilant about any hint of sexual misconduct by a male student.

What really worries me is what could be happening at other schools. There is no way you can convince me that somehow, by some quirk of fate, Baylor got ALL of the deviants and rapists. Methinks that other colleges are just doing a better job of hiding their football team’s problems. 

Okay, let’s get real here for a second. If this was a fraternity or group of guys that was doing this, we’d hear about it on the news for a week or so & then it would be gone. But, because it’s FOOTBALL, it will lead the news for weeks, if not months. Even more so because Baylor has been a team with National Championship aspirations the past few years. If this was Southwest Texas State, it would fit in the one week news cycle until a more prominent story comes along.

Something Craig Miller said on The Ticket this morning made me think. He was talking about this scandal as if only Baylor has football players who are doing evil deeds. He made it sound like he subscribes to the theory that all the bad apples ended up on Art Briles team. He repeatedly stated that this sort of situation is only happening at Baylor.

I think Craig is full of shit. Has he already forgotten how FSU and Tallahassee police worked together to drag their feet in the Jameis Winston rape investigation? Or how Cam Newton got paid to play at Auburn, but his dad Cecil took the fall? Or how OU suspended a player for 1 year for sexual assault? Or OU forbidding reporters from asking Joe Mixon about his domestic violence suspension?

Maybe someone should look into these other schools and how they’re handling the investigations into their athletes. While it appears that the OU students were at least punished for their actions, Jameis Winston had active assistance from both FSU and the police to keep him playing instead of facing a rape allegation. Why didn’t Jimbo Fisher lose his job over the Jameis Winston situation? Where is the HBO Outside the Lines investigation into FSU and the Tallahassee PD?

No, I don’t think that will ever come to fruition. Jameis is now a mediocre NFL QB, the OU players are still in the protective blanket of a university that has put them on a pedestal, and Cam Newton is dabbing his way to another NFL season.

Where will my daughter end up going? Who knows, because I sure don’t. But you can bet your ass that I’ll be monitoring the local police blotter starting the moment she makes her choice. I’ll be watching out for my daughter and I’m sure other dads will be even more vigilant than they were before.

Thank you Baylor for lighting the way and showing us how dangerous it is to send a daughter to college.