Saw Captain America: Civil War tonight. The simple review is, “Awesome!”

More in-depth reviews have been done all over the internet. Find someone’s you like and stick with it.

For me, it was a great popcorn movie – i.e. I just kept downing fistfuls of popcorn, not worried about what message the director was trying to convey or whether or not Baron Zemo symbolized something more than being a pissed off guy who lost his family because of the Avengers.

Took the whole family. Kids loved it. The Wife fell asleep during the fighting. 

It was the perfect movie for a Saturday night showing. Lots of big action set pieces. Lots of big name stars. Lots of cool scenes.

For me, the down sides were Paul Rudd’s Ant Man. He seemed shoehorned in. I also felt like Tony Stark was far more of a dick than in previous movies. And what was his sudden angst about his mother all about? I’ve never once heard him lament his late mother, nor do anything to show any sort of feelings for her. But now, all of a sudden, he’s delving into his deepest feelings and starting a foundation in her memory? What the hell?

Absolutely loved everyone else in the flick. They brought their “A” games and looked like they were having a ton of fun. It certainly looks like the cast gets along extremely well. Everyone appeared to be working hard to make the people they were sharing the screen with better.

Highlights for me were Tom Holland as Spider-Man. He was amazing. The Boy said that Spider-Man was his most favorite character and that he can’t wait for Spider-Man: Homecoming to hit theaters. I also thought Chadwick Boseman was a terrific addition to the crew. I’m looking forward to the Black Panther movie.

My favorite part was any scene featuring Elizabeth Olsen. She brought the hotness! Her Scarlet Witch costume is beyond sexy! If I could just get The Wife to add some corsets and thigh-high stockings to her wardrobe….


I give Captain America: Civil War two big thumbs up. I’m already looking forward to watching it again. Let me know what you thought!

[UPDATE] – Forgot to mention that Emily VanCamp was the surprise gem of the whole movie. She definitely brought her best stuff and left the audience wanting more. I’m ready for an Agent 13 movie! Where can we see more of EVC?