I have been alternating between using Waze and Google Maps for directions when heading out to a new location. What I’ve discovered is that both can get me close to the correct final destination, but neither one does a particularly good job it.

For example, this past weekend I was driving the boy and I to a camp ground south of Fort Worth. I plugged in the directions in both apps. Of course both of them provided different sets of directions. Even comparing their alternate routes provided 6 sets (3 each) of new & different directions. The downside was that none of the sets of directions actually got me to the location. Sure, they got me close to my final destination, but neither one accounted for road construction in the area, parking lots, or the fact that the destination had a driveway that was only accessible on the south side of the property & that I couldn’t just hop across a field from the road that goes along the north side of the property.

Look, I get that each destination is unique and presents its own set of challenges, but why does it seem like EVERY destination has issues. I end up having to research each location on my own, use the app to get near the final destination, then navigate on my own to refine my ending point.

My other big problem with these apps is the fact that I can’t blacklist certain streets or intersections. Each time I bring my daughter home from one of her competitions in Denton, both apps have me exiting from 35 South onto 121 Business to eventually cut over to 121. I see why it might think that’s a smart route, 121 Business makes a nice little line on the map over to 121. Unfortunately, 121 Business has a bunch of traffic lights. And a much lower speed limit than 121’s 70mpg raceway. And slow cars that end up backing things up because it’s only 2 lanes. I avoid 121 Business at all costs!

Why can’t I block 121 Business as a default? Neither one of the apps offers a direct exit on 121 route as an alternative. Instead, they push me to the George Bush Turnpike or 635 or some other weird surface street route. I end up having to ignore then app’s instructions first to exit for 121 Business, then the repeated attempts to get me to make a U-turn to go back to 121 Business, until I finally exit for 121. Even then I’ve experienced the apps directing me to exit from 121 and take surface streets up to 121 Business, only to get back on 121 later. Why? What’s the hard on for 121 Business?

Give me the ability to block 121 Business. Or other streets that I know I don’t want to drive down based on experience! It can’t be that hard. The Ford navigation app on my daughter’s truck allows her to blacklist streets. Are you going to tell me that Ford Sync is more sophisticated than Google Maps or Waze?

Maybe I should try Apple Maps. Does anyone know if you can blacklist streets on Apple Maps?