Being allergic to anything sucks. I’m rapidly discovering that I’m allergic to being outside in May in Texas. If I go outside, it only takes a few minutes for my eyes to start watering and burning, my throat to get sore, and my nose begins to run like a faucet.

It didn’t used to be like this. I never had a problem with allergies growing up. I could spend all day outside playing with the neighbor kids without any issues. Now, if I just think about going outside my eyes hurt.

Why? What changed? Sure, I spend more time inside than I used to, but that can’t be it. Can it? How can something physiologically change over the course of 20 years to make doing something as simple as walking outside to get the mail result in a full blown allergy attack?

It’s not like I don’t prepare for allergy season either! In February I begin my daily regimen of a 24-hour Claritin. Every day through July I pop a Claritin first thing in the morning. When my allergies first started appearing, back around 1996 or so, I discovered my Claritin strategy on the recommendation of an allergy doctor. This worked perfectly, up until last year when May became a hellacious bastion of burning eye pain and endless sore throats.

This year I’m doubling up on my meds. Every morning I take my usual Claritin, but now I’ve added an Allegra to the mix if I know I’m going to spend any substantial time outside. Without that extra medication, I will wither to a pool of runny eyes and nose.

Allergy season can’t be over fast enough! I’m tired of my eyes burning and people staring in disbelief at my horribly red eyes! I’m not a monster! I’m just an allergy sufferer!

Maybe I should just stay inside for the next month or so. Yeah, that’ll do it?