Recently I posted about a friend who died in a rock climbing accident. It was a tragic end for a man who lived an adventurous life. Friday night another life was taken from my world. This time it wasn’t a man who had an opportunity to experience all the world has to offer. Instead, it was The Boy’s friend, all of 12-years-old, who was killed in a horrible car accident.

The Boy and his friend had practically grown up next door to each other, just a few houses separated the two. They shared classrooms, teams, meals, a Boy Scout troop, sleep overs, friends, snow days, trips to Hawaiian Falls, Frisco RoughRider games, and much, much more. They were near inseparable. The friend would frequently just walk through our front door. Knocking wasn’t necessary, he was welcome any time.

I don’t know what to say about this one. The friend was only 12. He had his entire life ahead of him and would be able to make the most of it. He was the kind of kid you knew would be successful at anything he attempted.

The hardest part wasn’t telling The Boy, or going to the service, or seeing the friend’s parents. The hardest part has been watching The Boy trying to cope with this loss. At 12, how do you deal with that kind of loss? Can a 12-year-old understand, “never going to see him again?” I certainly don’t have any brilliant words of wisdom for him. Maybe a shoulder to cry on and being someone to talk to will suffice. It better, I don’t know what else I can give him.

Where is the parent manual for this type of situation?