This morning I stopped in to my local Chick-fil-A for some minis and a Dr. Pepper. Because I had some time I decided to grab a table and enjoy a few moments to myself. It was glorious, for about 5 minutes.

Then two people in khaki pants and red shirts came in to the dining area and started moving tables and seats around. Then two more. Then two more. Eventually about 25 people in khaki pants and red shirts were flooding the Chick-fil-A dining room. They proceeded to have a company meeting. In the middle of the breakfast rush. In the middle of a Chick-fil-A dining room.

I’m honestly not sure how I feel about this. On one hand I think it’s a great idea. Everybody can get some quality food. It gets the employees out of the office and into a relaxed atmosphere. Not too shabby. However, on the other hand, what the hell? I’m trying to enjoy 15 minutes away from work, family, traffic, etc., and now I have to sit through a recap of their Q1 financials? I don’t like sitting through those meetings for my own company, and those have a direct impact on my financial well being! It seems rude of them to force the rest of the Chick-fil-A diners to sit through their quarterly recap meeting.

I will say that it was very entertaining watching the highest ranking company official react to Chick-fil-A. She very clearly had never set foot inside a Chick-fil-A before. She was extremely surprised at how clean the place was and her mind was blown when she tried a Chick-n-Mini. It was hard to not bust out laughing at her overall enjoyment of the Chick-fil-A experience.

What do you think? Is the Chick-fil-A dining room a solid choice for a company meeting? It definitely worked for this group of khaki clad team members.