Today I spent my lunch at a local industry event and had to wear a suit. There is something cool about wearing a suit. Not that I want to do it every day, but going through the process of polishing my fancy shoes, picking out the right tie, sliding the high dollar leather belt through the loops, etc. every once in a while has a certain element of fun attached to it.

If I had to wear a suit every day the enjoyment of it would be severely decreased. But, once in a while, it can be fun.

The wife loves it when I wear a suit. There’s something about a man in a suit that gets a woman going. I’m guessing that if I let The Wife guest blog a Friday Fox, she’d post 13 images of a man wearing a suit.

Why? What is it about a man in a suit that women find so attractive? Personally, I think I look like a troll when I wear a suit, a short, fat, balding troll. The Wife says that I look “sexy” and “handsome.”

I guess the effect is similar to seeing a woman in a slinky black dress. A picture of Kate Beckinsale in her “LBD” or little black dress is almost as good as Kate Beckinsale nude or in a swimsuit. In some ways it’s even better than a nude Kate Beckinsale. Unbelievable, right? Just go with me here! With the little black dress on, Kate is sexy as hell. Any flaws are hidden (not that Kate has flaws, she is PERFECT!). Referencing normal humans, the LBD hides some of those normal human traits that are fully exposed when naked. The LBD forces the mind to fill in the blanks and let the viewer decide just how perfect the body is underneath.


For a woman viewing a man in a suit, the effect must be similar. The suit hides my flaws and gives the woman an ideal impression of my appearance. Of course the wearer of the suit has their hair perfectly coiffed, shoes polished, tie straight, a nice shirt on, etc. They are presenting themselves at their absolute best.

I’m coming around to my wife’s view of me. Maybe I should wear my suit more often. What do you think?

Oh, by the way, let me be the first to volunteer my services to observe Kate Beckinsale both in and out of her little black dress to compare and contrast her body. It’s tough work, but someone has to do it. For Science!