I have two tickets to tomorrow night’s Texas Rangers game versus the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Free tickets. Great seats. Parking Pass. The Works! I should be ecstatic. I’m not. In fact, I’m far from it. I’m at the point where I don’t really want to go.

A few months ago, before baseball season started, my dad bought a set of tickets to the Texas Rangers, maybe 20 games. Dad is a big baseball fan who has a girlfriend who is absolutely nuts about the Texas Rangers. They like to travel to watch the team play in exotic locations, such as Houston, Boston, or Seattle. I, on the other hand, enjoy watching baseball, but don’t feel a strong desire to go and sit in a stadium with 25,000 of my closest friends eating outrageously expensive hot dogs, drinking sodas that cost more than I earned as an hourly rate in my first job, and using a bathroom that hasn’t been cleaned since the stadium opened. Why would I when I can sit in my comfy chair at home with a plethora of store bought snacks and a wonderfully clean bathroom a few quick steps away?

He offered me the opportunity to take The Boy to a game from his set of tickets, at no cost to me. Okay, one night out of the year and I’m in. I asked The Boy, and being a baseball fan, he immediately & enthusiastically said “YES!” Awesome! Life is good, The Boy and I will attend a Rangers game and do the standard father/son bonding deal. I start making plans for dollar hot dog night and assume I can get out of there for around $20.

I share the good news with The Wife. She immediately asks, “Did you ask The Girl if she wants to go to a game?” I explain that my dad offered 1 game worth of tickets for me & the boy, the girl isn’t a baseball fan, so on & so forth. I get “the look” from The Wife and realize that I have to go and ask The Girl if she wants to go to a game. I brighten up realizing that A) she doesn’t like baseball, and B) she really doesn’t like baseball.

The Girl grants me access to her inner sanctuary (aka her bedroom) for a brief audience. I do the proper genuflecting and ask if she has any interest in attending a Rangers game.

She asks, “What are the Rangers?” A good sign for getting out of going to a 2nd game. I explain that they are the local baseball consortium.

She says, “I don’t like baseball” and rolls her eyes. Wonderful! All signs are pointing to not having to go to a second game. I told her that I was offering to be fair & shared that her brother was going to a game. That should be the clincher. Anything he likes, she hates. Anything she likes, he hates.

She thinks on it for a moment. Answers a few texts. Or maybe sends a few. Who knows.

Then, with grand pronouncement she declares that yes, she does want to attend that sporting contest at a date to be determined later.

OH CRAP! Now what!

Don’t get me wrong. I love spending time with my daughter. As the looming spectre of her leaving for college draws ever closer, I gleefully embrace any time I can spend with her.

I report back to The Wife that The Girl said that she wants to go. Now I have to finagle another set of tickets out of my dad.

We work out the details. His girlfriend ended up having a conflict on April 29th, so the night is clear for The Girl and I to go. This thing is ON!

A few months pass. This past Tuesday night I remind The Girl that we’ve got tickets to see the Rangers play. Again, she asks “What are the Rangers?” I explain and remind her of our prior conversation. She stares blankly and retreats to her sanctuary.

Last night, I am granted another audience with her and remind her of the pending game. She tells me that she’s just not interested in baseball and doesn’t want to go. I tell her it’s okay and we’ll figure out something else we can do together.

OH CRAP! Now what!

I have the tickets & parking pass in hand. The Boy has a friend sleeping over, which was scheduled because The Girl and I were planning on attending the baseball game. The Wife won’t let The Boy & his friend be alone, so she’s out for the game. My dad is doing whatever activity his girlfriend has going on. I have zero friends who can go.

So, do I give the tickets away to a coworker or do I go by myself? What would you do?