In my recent post titled, “Well, Shit!” I detailed the receipt of a letter outlining my Coronary Calcium Score of 485. To that point I had just received the letter, no communication at all from the doctor who sent me to get the tests.

Finally on Friday I hear from my doctor. Well, not really. I hear from his Assistant. She’s not even a PA, just his office assistant. She tells me that the Doctor received the results of my tests and that the Coronary Calcium Score was concerning. As such, Doctor is prescribing me Lipitor to control my cholesterol. Yay! Except, Doctor hasn’t tested my cholesterol levels in a while, and last time he did my good cholesterol was great, and my bad cholesterol was super low. The numbers fly in the face of being prescribed medication to control my cholesterol. With that in the back of my head, I ask Office Assistant if, just maybe, I should come in and get my cholesterol checked. Of course this question totally confuses Office Assistant. She ends up putting me on hold for about thirty minutes. When she finally comes back, she says that my most recent test is sufficient. My most recent test was in June 2015. And my numbers were great.

Now I’m at the point where I don’t trust my doctor. What should I do? Do I go to another primary care physician to get my cholesterol levels checked? Do I just roll with it and see what happens? Even with great numbers, going lower isn’t a bad thing, is it? I mean, you can’t have “too low of cholesterol” can you?

What would you do?

Oh yeah, she completely forgot to share the results of my Stress Echo test. Office Assistant called back about 30 minutes later with that info. I didn’t feel like being put on hold for another 30 minutes waiting for her to find out what having a good Stress Echo score and a bad Coronary Calcium Score meant. I’ll just Google that.