Each Friday I feature a baker’s dozen images of a 40-something lady who “gets my motor running.”

Kate Winslet

This week’s Over Forty Fox is the incomparable, Kate Winslet. Kate jumped into the spotlight by starring in a little indie flick called Titanic. Hardly anyone went to see it, so it only grossed around all the money in the world. Kate has been a prolific actress, showing up in just about every movie out there. She still hasn’t gotten tied into the Marvel movies, yet! She seems to focus on more of the artistic movies, which suit her smooth British coolness perfectly. You know when you see Kate starring in a movie that you’re in for a treat. They certainly didn’t have gorgeous women like Kate at my high school!

Kate Winslet Nude

Finding Kate Winslet naked in a movie is like shooting fish in a barrel. I rarely have an issue when The Wife wants to drag me to an artsy movie starring Kate Winslet because I know there’s a very good chance of seeing Kate Winslet nude. The aforementioned Titanic is when Kate’s spectacular body came to the attention of most moviegoers. However, I remember seeing Kate strip down with Melanie Lynskey back in the strange flick Heavenly Creatures. I wore out the VHS tape I rented from Blockbuster rewinding back to the beginning of the bathtub scene. The Reader is Kate’s latest nude foray on film that  I’ve had the pleasure of viewing. It definitely doesn’t disappoint! Check it out if you haven’t already!

Enjoy a baker’s dozen images from this Fabulous Over-Forty Fox – Kate Winslet! Gorgeous British women who like to strip down on film definitely get my motor running (the accent doesn’t hurt one bit!)!

This is not limited to celebrities, I’d love to feature some regular ladies over forty who’ve got it goin’ on. Email me 13 sexy photos and 1 head shot of your fabulous lady who is over 40 and I’ll feature her on an upcoming Friday’s Fox.

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