Today the kids have been gone ALL FRICKIN’ DAY! Do you have any idea what that’s like? The Wife and I have the entire house to ourselves!!!! We can do anything we want! Woo hoo! I’m positively giddy! We can run around naked all day and have sex anywhere we want!

Okay, so the reality of the situation is a bit different. Yes, the kids are out of the house today, but otherwise it’s been a pretty sedate day. No crazy naked olympics going on here. Instead we watched a movie, Trainwreck, starring Amy Schumer, went to a nice lunch at one of our favorite “adult” restaurants, took naps, and did typical adult stuff – i.e. laundry, minor repair projects, bathed the dogs, etc.

As a kid, I imagined life as an adult would be bliss, especially having the entire house to yourself. Visions of running naked through the house loaded up on Dr. Pepper and chocolate chip cookies were common. Nope, none of that happened today. Too much to get done!

That’s the real story isn’t it? When you become an adult, you suddenly have stuff to get done. Sure, I could have put off the minor repairs until next weekend, but then they would have bothered me all week. No, get it done now so I can move on to the next project. Besides, next week is time to change the air filters! My wife has the same issue, too much to do and the work week eats up too much of the time. We definitely feel better getting the chores done, even though there’s that nagging feeling rooting around int he back of your head that next weekend there will be more tasks to accomplish.

Today has been great, especially taking a nap. Is it time for the kids to get home yet? I can’t wait to hear about their activities!