I have a friend on Facebook who is the queen of selfies. Every photo she posts is of her. She’s at a restaurant <<click>>. She’s walking into a store <<click>>. She’s at the gym <<click>>. She’s celebrating her wedding anniversary <<click>>. Her daughter is turning 18 <<click>>. She’s on a family vacation to the Bahamas <<click>>. You get the idea, every activity requires a photo.

The photo of her romantic anniversary dinner with her husband = A photo of her at the table

The photo of her daughter’s 18th birthday celebration = A photo of her at the party

The photos from the family vacation = Photos of her on the beach

See a pattern? It really irks me to see how blatantly narcissistic she is. Look, her life is pretty fabulous, she married a millionaire and spends her time doing things I could only dream of. Still, she’s not living life alone. She has a spouse and a couple of kids. It would be nice to see them for a change.

When her daughter turned 18, I thought I’d get to see the birthday girl and the over the top party (they had a major recording artist perform). Nope, not a single damn photo of the festivities. Sure, I saw photos of mom trying on dresses beforehand, mom with the buffet spread, mom with the recording artist, mom dancing to the recording artist, mom drinking champagne celebrating, and so on. How does her daughter feel?  Every damn photo is just of mom.

Something I find even more entertaining is that she’s cropping people OUT of photos. The photo of her at the table during the anniversary dinner… You can see her husband’s knee and it’s an odd sized photo. They probably had the waiter take the photo, then she cropped it down to just her for posting on social media. Incredible!

How self involved do you have to be to crop your husband out of anniversary photos? She did it with the vacation photos too. She cropped him and the rest of the family lout of photos so we could focus on just her.

This is an incredibly sad situation. Do I say something to her? Do I tell her that maybe, every once in a while, it would be nice for her to post a photo of the other people in her life?

I’m the complete opposite. I don’t want my photo on social media – AT ALL! I hate having my picture taken due to insecurities about my personal appearance. Could that be why her self love is so grating to me?

How does one become so narcissistic that they cut their own family out of the family photos?