The teaser trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story dropped today and I am PUMPED! You can read some great reviews of the trailer HERE and HERE and HERE, I’ll leave that work to those who are much better at it than I am.  I’m looking at you io9

All I have to say is that it looks bad ass! I’m extremely excited for this movie and the story set to unfold. As the other sites mentioned, it is shaping up to be a heist flick – they are stealing the plans for the Death Star after all, so Duh! How the story plays out will be fun to see. Ocean’s Eleven in Space isn’t such a bad deal. I would love to see the amazing Yen!

Rogue One 02Felicity Jones‘ character, Jyn Erso, looks like Rebel Scum in the flesh. From the teaser voiceover we learn that she’s a bit of a hard case, juvenile delinquent. The perfect sort of expendable ne’er-do-well to send on a suicide mission. Many speculate that she is Rey’s mother, I’m going to say no way in hell. They might be related somehow, but I doubt she’s mom. I love that Disney is featuring another strong female character, let’s hope the initial run of toys and games include her action figure this time! I love her snotty attitude and swagger. Looks like she’s ready for a fight. Bring ’em on, I’d prefer a straight fight!

Rogue One 01The other cool element from the teaser is the overall aesthetic. The production team has done a great job of designing the sets and costumes to not only refer back to Episode IV, but to also include elements that bring new life to the story. I was wowed by the appearance of Ben Mendelsohn in full white Admiral’s uniform and then totally awestruck by the visual  of him striding through a stream to review the scene of a previous battle. His flowing white cape makes for a striking image. This is carried throughout the trailer and I LOVE it.

Overall, from this brief teaser trailer, you can tell that the production team cares immensely about maintaining the Star Wars world we know, while introducing new characters and elements that will enhance the original (Episode IV) story.

Is it too early to buy tickets? Go ahead & take my money! I’ll definitely be there on opening day.