Yesterday I posted about Amazon Prime’s “The Man in the High Castle” TV show, focusing on the love triangle of Alexa DavalosLuke Kleintank, and Rupert Evans. All three of whom have done a spectacular job with their feature story. But they are only part of what makes this such an enjoyable show to watch.

Rufus_SewellRufus Sewell sends chills up my spine with every onscreen appearance as Obergruppenführer John Smith. The man has been pure evil in the first few episodes I’ve watched. But (there’s always a “but”), I fully anticipate him starting to question his world. I think he will come to realize that there is more going on than meets the eyes and will begin to suspect that his ordered, organized military life isn’t quite as nice as he thought it was.

Cary-Hiroyuki TagawaOne of my personal favorites, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, is always outstanding on screen. I’ve enjoyed his work for years and “The Man in the High Castle” is no exception. He plays a Japanese Trade Minister who is working on some sneaky plan with a Nazi hiding as a Swedish fabric salesperson. I’m extremely eager to see this story line develop and what repercussions befall Minister Tagomi. How will his story interweave with the love triangle and the sinister Obergruppenführer John Smith? I don’t know, but can’t wait to find out!


Rick WorthyIn the episodes I’ve seen so far, Rick Worthy has been a quiet, yet powerful presence. As the diner owner/operator Lem Washington in Canon City his role has been extremely subtle so far, but I know that as the series develops, he will have a huge impact on the love triangle’s trajectory. I’ve really enjoyed his interactions with The Marshall, played by Burn Gorman. While IMDB shows that Burn is only in two episodes, I’ll be surprised if The Marshall doesn’t return in season 2 for more confrontations with Lem and finger snipping fugitives hiding out in the neutral zone.

DJ QuallsTo be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of DJ Qualls. I don’t know why. I enjoyed him in Road Trip, but his work in other shows or movies haven’t struck a cord with me. But (another big “but”), his work as Ed McCarthy in “The Man in the High Castle” has been great so far. As a friend & coworker of Rupert Evan’s character, Frank Frink, DJ has played the quirky, knebbish friend role perfectly. I fully suspect that Ed isn’t quite who he says he is. There is definitely more to the oddball machinist than we’ve been shown so far. My theory is that Ed is an agent for the Kempeitai (Imperial Japanese Army Military Peace Corp or Police). Or, perhaps Ed is a Resistance Member and I’ve been fooled to this point. Either way, I’ll be disappointed if his whole role is as “friend of Frank.”

All of these actors have been terrific thus far. I’m trying to binge watch the show as fast as I can, but life is getting in the way.

My biggest disappointment is the lack of female lead characters. Only Alexa Davalos gets substantial screen time. The Imperial Japanese Princess (played by Mayumi Yoshida) Mayumi Yoshidahas been a very welcome recent addition. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of her in upcoming episodes, even though IMDB shows her appearing in 3 total. There’s always season 2!

Go, watch it! It’s awesome! I’m working on getting The Girl to watch. She’s really enjoying her World History class and might like this bit of alternative history.