I’ve started watching season 1 of Amazon Prime’s “The Man in the High Castle” and am totally hooked! Granted, I’m only through the first three episodes, but it has grabbed me at the base of my snarglies and won’t let go.

Essentially, “The Man in the High Castle” presents a world where World War II was won by the other side, and the Germans and Japanese victors have split up the United States into two different police states. Enter the featured players, Juliana, Frank, Joe, and several others. It’s a terrific ensemble cast, every single one bring their A game.


I’m loving the Juliana and Joe story. Thrown together in the neutral zone (I’m avoiding details so I don’t spoil anything). As they get to know each other we, the audience, get to learn more and more about their motivations.


Alexa Davalos, the star of the show, is positively sublime as our heroine, Juliana Crain. Suddenly thrown into a crazy situation, Alexa shows an amazing range – fear, love, hate, anger, intrigue, shock, surprise – you name it, she has the perfect emotion ready. I’m super impressed with her work in the show and love watching her character evolve. It’s going to be fun watching her relationship with Joe grow. What will happen when she returns home to her lover, Frank? I’m on pins and needles and can’t wait to find out.


Of course that brings us to Joe Blake, played brilliantly by Luke Kleintank. He is outstanding as the truck driving Nazi plant. What I want to know is, will he follow orders or will his budding infatuation with Juliana turn him into the hero we know he can be?


To complete the lovers triangle, we have Juliana’s boyfriend/fiancee, Frank Frink. I think Rupert Evans has played the role of Frank perfectly. From not wanting to get involved, to loving Juliana, to being tortured, to his own personal revelations, to realizing he can no longer sit idly by, Rupert has done a fantastic job of conveying exactly what the scene called for. As I mentioned, I’m very eager to see what happens when Juliana returns home, possibly bringing hunky Joe with her. The love triangle will EXPLODE!

This post is already too long and I haven’t even gotten to the rest of this amazing cast! Rufus Sewell, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, DJ Qualls, Rick Worthy, and all of the players have been stupendous. I’ll have to write more about this tomorrow, after I’ve watched a few more episodes!

Seriously, if you have Amazon Prime, give this show a whirl. As I’ve said, the cast is terrific! I can’t forget to complement the sets! Watching the show gives you the look and feel of an alternate 1960’s. The clothing, furniture, signage, vehicles, all of it works incredibly well to convey the sense of time. I’ll post more on this later.

Go, watch it! It’s awesome!