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April 2016

I’ve had my new glasses for nearly two weeks. The Wife still hasn’t noticed. Last night I visited with my dad for a bit. Within 5 minutes he said, “Are those new glasses? They look good.” FIVE MINUTES.

I have to believe that my wife is messing with my head at this point. She couldn’t possibly not know that they’re new. Right?


Friday Fox – Jennie Garth

Each Friday I feature a baker’s dozen images of a 40-something lady who “gets my motor running.”

Jennie Garth

For this week’s Over Forty Fox I’m focusing on the incredibly beautiful Jennie Garth. Anyone who lived through the 90’s knows Jennie from her run as the totally messed up Kelly Taylor on Beverly Hills, 90210. Kelly’s hot and cold relationship with Luke Perry’s Dylan was one of the main driving forces behind the show. Every girl wanted to be Kelly and every boy wanted to be Kelly’s boyfriend. She was HOT on that show. Jennie wasn’t able to turn her TV success into movie fame, but she’s done tons of good work on the small screen since breaking out with the 90210 crew. She had a bit of a popularity resurgence when TV revisited everyone’s favorite zip code with the show 90210. For the longest time Jennie was one of my absolute favorite ladies. They certainly didn’t have gorgeous women like Jennie at my high school!

Jennie Garth Nude

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How About A Rangers Game?

I have two tickets to tomorrow night’s Texas Rangers game versus the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Free tickets. Great seats. Parking Pass. The Works! I should be ecstatic. I’m not. In fact, I’m far from it. I’m at the point where I don’t really want to go.

A few months ago, before baseball season started, my dad bought a set of tickets to the Texas Rangers, maybe 20 games. Dad is a big baseball fan who has a girlfriend who is absolutely nuts about the Texas Rangers. They like to travel to watch the team play in exotic locations, such as Houston, Boston, or Seattle. I, on the other hand, enjoy watching baseball, but don’t feel a strong desire to go and sit in a stadium with 25,000 of my closest friends eating outrageously expensive hot dogs, drinking sodas that cost more than I earned as an hourly rate in my first job, and using a bathroom that hasn’t been cleaned since the stadium opened. Why would I when I can sit in my comfy chair at home with a plethora of store bought snacks and a wonderfully clean bathroom a few quick steps away?

He offered me the opportunity to take The Boy to a game from his set of tickets, at no cost to me. Okay, one night out of the year and I’m in. I asked The Boy, and being a baseball fan, he immediately & enthusiastically said “YES!” Awesome! Life is good, The Boy and I will attend a Rangers game and do the standard father/son bonding deal. I start making plans for dollar hot dog night and assume I can get out of there for around $20.

I share the good news with The Wife. She immediately asks, “Did you ask The Girl if she wants to go to a game?” I explain that my dad offered 1 game worth of tickets for me & the boy, the girl isn’t a baseball fan, so on & so forth. I get “the look” from The Wife and realize that I have to go and ask The Girl if she wants to go to a game. I brighten up realizing that A) she doesn’t like baseball, and B) she really doesn’t like baseball.

The Girl grants me access to her inner sanctuary (aka her bedroom) for a brief audience. I do the proper genuflecting and ask if she has any interest in attending a Rangers game.

She asks, “What are the Rangers?” A good sign for getting out of going to a 2nd game. I explain that they are the local baseball consortium. Continue reading “How About A Rangers Game?”

Cruising Soon, Not Soon Enough

In less than 100 days The Family and I set sail on our summer cruise with Disney Cruise Line. The time cannot go by fast enough as far as I’m concerned. The Family LOVES cruising as a vacation. It’s such a relaxed way for us to “get away from it all.”

What do we love about it? For us, it’s the simplicity of the whole trip. You board the ship, unpack your bags, and then you can do as little, or as much, as you want. With The Kids having completely different interests, it would be nearly impossible to plan a non-cruise vacation that kept both of them entertained. With a cruise, we send them off in their own directions and they have plenty to keep them busy. Continue reading “Cruising Soon, Not Soon Enough”

It’s now been over a week since I got my new glasses and started wearing them almost constantly. The Wife still hasn’t noticed. At what point do I tell her?

A Shady Mechanic

Over the weekend I took The Girl’s truck in to get some new tires and spark plugs. I’m no mechanic, nor do I play one on TV, but I didn’t expect the entire job to take more than a few hours.

The Wife and I drop the truck off at the mechanic’s place at 9am. We had an appointment and they knew exactly what jobs were to be performed. In fact, we made the appointment in advance so they had time to order the necessary tires. Head mechanic says that it shouldn’t be a problem to complete the job in a few hours, the tires arrived a few days earlier. The Wife and I think we’re good to go and should have the truck back by lunch.

Lunch time rolls around and we haven’t heard from the shop. The Wife calls the shop and is told that they are bringing the truck in now and it shouldn’t take too long.

At 2pm I call to see how the truck is coming along. Mechanic says that they’re bringing the truck in now and it shouldn’t take too long. Continue reading “A Shady Mechanic”

The Doctor Calls

In my recent post titled, “Well, Shit!” I detailed the receipt of a letter outlining my Coronary Calcium Score of 485. To that point I had just received the letter, no communication at all from the doctor who sent me to get the tests.

Finally on Friday I hear from my doctor. Well, not really. I hear from his Assistant. She’s not even a PA, just his office assistant. She tells me that the Doctor received the results of my tests and that the Coronary Calcium Score was concerning. As such, Doctor is prescribing me Lipitor to control my cholesterol. Yay! Except, Doctor hasn’t tested my cholesterol levels in a while, and last time he did my good cholesterol was great, and my bad cholesterol was super low. The numbers fly in the face of being prescribed medication to control my cholesterol. With that in the back of my head, I ask Office Assistant if, just maybe, I should come in and get my cholesterol checked. Of course this question totally confuses Office Assistant. She ends up putting me on hold for about thirty minutes. When she finally comes back, she says that my most recent test is sufficient. My most recent test was in June 2015. And my numbers were great.

Now I’m at the point where I don’t trust my doctor. What should I do? Do I go to another primary care physician to get my cholesterol levels checked? Do I just roll with it and see what happens? Even with great numbers, going lower isn’t a bad thing, is it? I mean, you can’t have “too low of cholesterol” can you?

What would you do?

Oh yeah, she completely forgot to share the results of my Stress Echo test. Office Assistant called back about 30 minutes later with that info. I didn’t feel like being put on hold for another 30 minutes waiting for her to find out what having a good Stress Echo score and a bad Coronary Calcium Score meant. I’ll just Google that.

Friday Fox – Kate Winslet

Each Friday I feature a baker’s dozen images of a 40-something lady who “gets my motor running.”

Kate Winslet

This week’s Over Forty Fox is the incomparable, Kate Winslet. Kate jumped into the spotlight by starring in a little indie flick called Titanic. Hardly anyone went to see it, so it only grossed around all the money in the world. Kate has been a prolific actress, showing up in just about every movie out there. She still hasn’t gotten tied into the Marvel movies, yet! She seems to focus on more of the artistic movies, which suit her smooth British coolness perfectly. You know when you see Kate starring in a movie that you’re in for a treat. They certainly didn’t have gorgeous women like Kate at my high school!

Kate Winslet Nude

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Picked up new glasses Monday afternoon and have been wearing them practically non-stop ever since. The Wife has yet to notice. Tell me again about how I should notice when you get an eighth of an inch cut off your hair?

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