Why don’t people wash their hands after using the bathroom? I’m always shocked to see people finish doing their business in the restroom and just walk out. Are you seriously telling me you can’t spare the few minutes to run some water over your hands, soap up, rinse them, and finally dry off? Really? REALLY?

I’m shocked when it happens, but I really shouldn’t be anymore. I’ve seen too many people do it too many times.

One time I was peeing next to the CEO of a major local corporation. We finished up at the same time. After zipping up, I headed to the sink, Mr. CEO headed for the door. Too busy to wash up? Or, just poor hygiene? After that encounter, I dreaded encountering him in meetings or events since I would be forced to shake his hand. From then on, any time I shook his hand, my next stop was the restroom to wash mine.

I was at a conference once, peeing next to the guy from the booth next to mine. Again, I head to the sink, this guy heads out the door. I desperately wanted to tell every person who shook his hand about my neighbor’s sanitary lapse. I refused to take anything from his table and even refused to partake from the veggie tray he offered when his booth held a happy hour later in the show.

Why don’t people wash their hands after using the restroom? I understand that you might be in a hurry and that it’s a slight inconvenience. But, it’s just plain GROSS to skip those few moments under the sink.

The scariest part of the whole thing is that it seems to be getting worse. I watch more and more coworkers head straight from the urinal or stall to the door. Are they really so busy that they can’t stop for a few minutes?

Or maybe, just maybe, they think their junk is totally free of germs and that their feces or urine are clean and pure. That must be it! They don’t urinate like the rest of us! Their urine is manna from heaven and pure as mountain stream water (although Giardia might want a word with you about that pure mountain stream water)! Somehow these people have developed totally pure, unsoiled waste. That MUST be it!

Either that or they’re just gross pigs who deserve to be ridiculed!

Does this happen in the women’s restroom? I wouldn’t know, I don’t get to visit the women’s bathroom very often. When I do there is lots of screaming and running, so it’s probably not a worthwhile data sample.

Let me know. Do you wash your hands after you do your business?